Bending help

I have finally been able to start Bradley’s drill series and have concurrently been picking up some vintage sets and could use some help. I have found a local retailer who is curious as to what I am doing and bends irons for me (no cost), but his modern machine can’t deal with the long hosels in the short irons. So what I have are estimates of lie angle. Anyone in NKy/cincinnati area with a machine that can help with a sanity check?


I can’t imagine a machine not being able to bend the longer necks. If one is using a bending bar, then wrapping the bar around the neck should be the easier way to go.

The machine can bend the clubs, but the “protractor” portion measuring the lie angle is physically attached and it hits the shaft just above the hosel (on the long irons). As the hosel gets longer in the short irons the “protractor” hits the hosel and no longer measures the correct lie angle. Apparently the “protractor” cannot be moved any higher. Worked great on a set of mp-33s i had bent-very fast reading. Just not really meant for older clubs I have had bent (51 M85s, 69 split sloes and 62 tommy armour AT1.

I had the same issue at the shop with my VFQs. I believe the machine with the issue is made by Mitchell. Anybody in the Los Angeles area willing to lend a helping hand?