Bending Block (Lie Angle adjustment for persimmons)

Just got done reading a section in a club and repair manual for woods on a alternative method for changing the lie angles. This method uses a bending block, and they show you how to build one.

Basically it bends the shaft down near the neck just slightly enough to change it anywhere from 1-4 degrees. Has anyone heard or used this method before?

For those interested, I can post a copy of that excerpt. Only standard weight shafts made of carbon steel can be bent to a maximum of 4 degrees and the light weight steel shafts only bent to a maximum of 2 degrees. Anymore, it will kink the shaft as they have stated. They also claim it has no effect on decreasing the performance of the shaft.

Be interesting if its a good alternative from filling in the holes with compact sawdust and re-drilling the lie angles.


Brandon P.

I wouldn’t want a bent shaft, but I’m sure it’s probably okay. I tried dowels instead of sawdust and the persimmons I redrilled look fine. I haven’t shafted them up, but the dowelling seemed to work well. Much easier than sawdust.

has anyone experimented with the bent shaft… i found it quite easy to bend the shaft right at the top of the whipping and it looks like i got at least 4 degrees out of it. i tried the redrilling and had trouble drilling it in straight. when i put the shaft in… the face was very hooked. i will probably have another go as ive been collecting quite a few persimmons from various places but im just curious if anyone is using the bent shaft technique…

I don’t like the idea for either hitters or swingers. CF is going to try to pull it straight even if bent, and trying to guesstimate how that is going to play out is risky for consistent solid contact.