Ben’s back: The Hogan Company is returning to golf equipment

Welp! You heard it! They are bringing the Ben Hogan brand back after 7 years of absence. I be curious as to what kind of iron designs they will be releasing. It would be super sweet if they came out with a nice blade design.

I find this interesting as well: “It appears that Callaway is still in possession of majority rights to the Hogan brand’s trademark (such as the iconic “Apex”). Therefore, the new irons will bear new names.”

Wonder what names they will come up with! I wouldn’t mind grabbing a set and specing them out to ABS if they do indeed have a nice design to them. I’m sure the first set of irons coming off the racks on their debut will be worth something someday.

Here is the full article:

Thanks for sharing. From the article:

“We are studying all the things Mr. Hogan believed about golf clubs, and dissecting early Ben Hogan designs to understand his performance principles and knowledge of what a golf club should do,” Koehler said. “There was a wealth of genius in those early clubs. Our commitment to the Ben Hogan legacy is to ensure that every product delivers unmatched precision and dedication to the art of shotmaking, providing equipment that allows golfers of all abilities the opportunity to optimize their skills.”

A lot packed into that statement.


The Apex and Apex Pro irons were already released and to me don’t resemble the old stuff. I haven’t hit them but didn’t think they looked too interesting. We will see where they go with the clubs but I would be surprised if they make anything new that looks like the old Hogans.

Okay I just realized they are making a new line with Bens name on it again. We will wait and see I guess

Maybe Lag can consult to them :slight_smile: - Heavy, Flat, Stiff (I’m talking about clubs here)

Has anyone tried the Scor wedges? I haven’t but reading about them, they don’t seem to really be forged- at least not in the traditional sense. I think the guy that makes them was with Hogan at one time, and left and worked for Reid Lockhart. Reid Lockhart made some truly beautiful clubs, but they were not forged. I would be concerned about what they irons will feel like when you hit them.

You can read this blog to learn more about the ideas behind score golf. I haven’t tried their stuff but am curious to see what they come out with