Ben Hogans Secret

Came across this article in a 1954 Life magazine…

The more things change, the more they stay the same :slight_smile:

Didn’t Hogan give an interview with Life mag a year later (1955) in which he actually gave his so called secret? Too lazy to double check the year of the article Hogan shows the cupping of the left wrist as his “secret”.

I wonder how many more we can add to this list since then? Especially with all the ones coming out of the woodwork by people Hogan supposedly told made promise not to tell, only to of course spill it for $20-30 in a book AFTER hogan passes away…


By hogan saying he had a secret opened a huge can of worms for countless generations still even to this day some 70 years later. But it gave impression Hogan was so damn good and one of best looking swings of all time because of ONE supposed thing he did.

Here, I actually found his secret one night while watching clips… I think I too will write a book:

At .58 of this video, right as he starts his downswing from the top, he actually takes his eyes off the ball and looks ahead then looks at ball again. Can’t explain why he would show this in a slo motion swing. That is his secret. Send me $22.95:


Budman thanks for the laugh :slight_smile: So many of the ‘secret’ sites and books out there are exactly like that hehe