Ben Hogan's Secret (Words form his friends/peers)

I cut a clip from the Ben Hogan Collection. I find this clip intriguing about his secrets. I am a firm believer in that right Knee as one of the keys for a good swing.


As I have said it before, Hogan had many secrets. If you break it down into individual secrets, then they would be precisely linked together in an unbreakable form.

Suppose you knew “the secret”?

What would that mean to the average golfer or even to a touring pro?
Would you then hit the ball like Hogan? or suddenly significantly better than you personally ever hit the ball?
What would one expect realistically?

Just off the top of my head, I have heard the following speculations…

His weakened left hand grip
The cupped left wrist at the top
How he laid off the shaft
How he slotted the club
His tremendous lag angles
Flat lies
Super stiff shafts
Heavy heads
No offset
A scalped flat heel grind on the sole of his club
The 5:00 grip reminder
His right knee at transition
A clockwise rotation of his right foot
Maximizing forearm rotation
Keeping his arms pinned to his body
Cutting it left
His balanced finish
Digging it out of the dirt
Holding shaft flex
Three right hands
Three left hands
Wide stance with a squared right foot
The lateral hip slide at transition
Level left
The angled hinge
His waggle
Keeping his right foot down
Saving right arm
Double jointed wrists
Gymnastic like flexibility
Growing up in Texas
Henry Picard
Bill Mehlhorn
Alex Morrison
His Hawk like vision
Zen like concentration
His intimidation factor
His course management
Pre event preparation
compact swing and quick tempo

What am I missing? Can you fill in the blanks?

Wow…thats a lot! haha

I am guessing you just cant pick and choose what you want to use. It all has to come together.

Here’s one you didn’t mention… The short left thumb
I sure hope you guys can keep a secret :wink:
OttawaCitizen 1947.tiff (454 KB)

Lag didn’t tell y’all that Module 11 requires that you re-locate to Texas? All of us down here have know all along that’s the “real” secret… :sunglasses:,28242,1667362-10,00.html

All I know is this…the hips lead the downswing…page 90 in Five Lessons. If you can execute that, and I think it’s easier to start the hips before the backswing is completed, (still hard to do), then most of the things in this list swing-related can be worked on. In my opinion, everything we’re learning in the ABS modules mean nothing unless the hips initiate the downswing. Page 91 Hogan: the hips leading…‘adds it contribution to the multiplying speed generated by this cohesive movement of the body, legs and arms toward the target. This speed multiplies the golfer’s power 10 times over. In the chain reaction of the swing, the shoulders and upper part of the body conduct this multiplying power in the arms…multiplied again and passed into the hands…as a result the clubhead is just tearing through the air at incredible speed as it drives through the ball.’ This paragraph tells me one thing…you better have the forearm, wrist and hand strength to handle this acceleration. That’s why we drill the modules in isolation so we can handle what Hogan is saying happens in a proper swing. And at that moment the hips begin the downswing, forget about thinking of anything but accelerating as hard as you can and hope you’ve got enough reps under your belt. :laughing:

I think today produced a watershed event for me. I realized I have the strength, thanks to modules 1,2 and 3, to trust handling the hips leading my downswing and the resultant forces produced by this action combined with wielding flat, heavy gear. Before today, I didn’t fully trust it and it was ugly.

The hips lead the downswing, even before the backswing is completed. Turn up the volume. It sounds like a rifle shot.

Thanks for posting that link. It is a great clip that you can learn so much from.

That is very impressive ball striking and “wow” what a a sound at impact. I would like to listen to contact in real time. Does anyone have a link?

You forgot:
Extra Spike in right shoe,
22 degree angle in downswing to match the angle he mentioned 5L he set left foot at,
Hip/weight transfer BEFORE start of transition,
just thought of hands only (after years of training his body), forgetting what body is doing free’d him (yes, read this somewhere),
‘bio-k’ grip,
ever slight forward motion of right leg to start backswing,
the waggle,
his beret hat,
and he was alien.

I think what a LOT of people don’t seem to realize OR just dismiss it as irrelevant for some reason is Hogan was a crappy golfer for TEN years. He had to take a teaching job just to have some money as he didn’t win his first tournament for a whole decade! He struggled like EVERY other beginning golfer on the planet does. He went bankrupt more than once and had the support of his wife.

Basically he DUG IT OUT OF THE DIRT as he says. Self professed hard practicer for obscene hours every day. His “secret” is basically just a long progression of tinkering and practicing and figured out what worked for HIM. He had a NASTY hook for those early years and he just eventually figured out how to manipulate his equipment (flat lie angles, open face) and his swing (swing left which is a “cut”) to eliminate it once and for. This then boosted his confidence to just let go and stop worrying about looking perfect and instead go AT the ball and PLAY golf, not “golf swing” (like what Tiger is currently doing).

My humble opinion…

Did I miss one of the secrets? :laughing:

When I look at that Vimeo video of Lag the left hip lead is not what catches my attention. I don’t think the left hip leads in the classical sense which is ususally defined as moving it around and left from the top- or even before one gets to the top. What looks like a lead is more of a settling in downward and preparing for what is to follow with the upper torso and arms.

What catches my attention is Lag’s right foot, the right elbow undisturbed, with a solid right arm ready to compress and pick that ball up off of old terra firma while pressuring off the inside of the R foot. :slight_smile: … PDF068.pdf

Here are some of John Schlee’s words from his book “Maximum Golf” - check out page 70 - watch Bradley’s youtube clip about his wrist watch pointing to sky (watch on left wrist)… very interesting stuff… I hope that I am not upsetting copyright laws etc… I am not googlebooks! :slight_smile:

And pg. 72 middle column is great too…!!!

It is a shame that John is not alive anymore - he would have been an interesting guy to talk too…

Thanks for sharing Golfbulldog!

That was interesting.

Thanks for posting that GBD!

Are you able to post the segment of the book that shows Schlee’s grip? While ABS seems to allow for a personalized evolution of the grip, Lag mentioned his own grip in the past few months, and it reminded me very much of Schlee’s.

Additionally, Schlee mentions something like “the uncocked release, fact vs feel” ( Schlee feels as if he doesn’t uncock his wrists). This also jibes with ABS, and has been hitting home with me of late.

The wrists need to uncock some to get down to the ball, or else you would swing through and miss the ball by two feet (above)

However, there is a big difference between uncocking about half way and then holding that firm, stiff and tight, compared to a fully uncocking dump and roll procedure.

In a hitter’s procedure, the uncocking and forearm rotation is going to happen in unison, not sequencially. It’s not bad methodology to use knee flex in place of wrists uncocking to get back down to the ball at lowpoint.

Would it be fair to call that a CP late dump of mass while still being in an out-of-line condition thru lowpoint if the wrists only uncock minimally in response to some forearm rotation starting at P3. This may even speak to Aiguille’s post about feeling the ability to hit on any part of the arc. I think it was Aiguille’s post, but not sure. :slight_smile:

Rat - it’s a good thing you didn’t write the Kama Sutra! With a description like above I’m not even sure where I’d start…though I’m certain I’d still be a strong finisher! :wink:

Captain Chaos

That sounds correct.