Ben Hogan - Sports Illustrated June 1955 interivew

In case some of you Ben Hogan fans haven’t read this one, here is a great interview from Sports Illustrated in June 1955. … /index.htm

There’s just so many good things said by Hogan in this short piece… and you can see how he told some of the same one-liners for a long time.

I think these two paragraphs have loads of value to improving scoring:

"The morning of a tournament I sort of weigh my capabilities at the time. I don’t try to extend myself and do something I know I can’t do. Maybe I could have done it a week before or the week after. But I won’t take an unnecessary risk if I feel I can’t do it that day, not until maybe the last round, if I’m behind, but even then I won’t try anything I haven’t practiced.

“As I walk down the first fairway, I try to get all my thinking within me and obliterate every outside influence, the people, everything, even the fellow I’m playing with. I try to be very cordial and give him all the courtesy of the tee and the green, but I can’t remember ever knowing what my playing partner has shot on the round. I’m very keen on watching the flight of his ball and knowing what it will take me to get there.”

Even Hogan knew you can’t play every shot as if you were going to nail the perfect shot. Hogan’s quote is very similar to Sam Sneads “dance with the gal you brought”.

Captain Chaos