being pulled to the finish

Note where the player’s swing stops… no swing weight to pull the player into the finish.
If the player was using proper ABS post-impact procedures then he would have finished the swing, correct?

I think that the fact that the head drops off, will affect the balance and centre of gravity of most swings, causing some sort of reaction that could result in what we see in the video. Our hands and pivot react to the feel of pulling or pushing the weight around. Once that goes, all bets are off in my opinion. If you’ve ever swung a swing shaft minus the club head before, you feel that the lack of resistance makes it very difficult to make a smooth swing. It feels like having the yips. Even so, the club head is going to pass the hands at some point in a driver swing after impact, it’s just a question of where. The ABS ideal is that the pivot and then the arms are still pulling to P4 and PV5, but that’s an ideal that many, maybe even nobody, will never attain.

Notice how quickly his pivot stops and his elbows “chicken wing” through the ball? Once the club head goes, there is no longer any outward force to apply an inward opposing force against. When I hit my best shots I feel an extremely hard pulling force against the club through the ball.

Or is it because there is no force pulling the hands/arms/pivot to the finnish? Once the club head passes the hands there isn’t any force across the shaft.