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Hello ABS folks ! I’ve recently talked to John and I’m actively looking for a few people to have come on my Podcast to discuss your experience doing the modules and your improvement ! I can attest that doing the modules has been a wonderful journey of ascension in the game that we all love !


Sure, would enjoy discussing what I learned. And I found some secret tricks along the way

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Awesome. What’s your email ? I’m super excited to chronicle the individual journey through this powerful process ! Cheers, Jesse

I’ve been doing ABS on and off since 2013 and have worked through all the modules - up to Mod 9 at least. There used to be two more but are no longer part of the program. I’ve also visited with John “on the deck” a couple of times.

My handicap has gone from a 21 to a 12 during that time, though I don’t play much at all anymore. And really ABS has really started to enter my swing during the last couple years as I have unlocked feelings in my swing that the drills have hidden there.

You can reach me at

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