This is a very good golf swing. One of the best I have seen on either the PGA or LPGA using a modern driver.

Not surprised to see she has already won 3 LPGA events. This is the kind of swing that will hold up under pressure.
Very solid mechanically here, couple things to work on maybe, but I would think she will continue to have a successful career over time as long as she can putt, stay healthy, and manage her game on the course.

Very reminiscent of Micky Wright’s action. Most LPGA players use a flip stall release. Refreshing to see a classic hitting action on the LPGA.


Yes that action matches the ABS tenets, as I understand them. And she doesn’t have that unnaturally slow, un-dynamic backswing that some of the LPGA players have…but they play very well anyway…so maybe it’s a plus for them.

One wonders how she arrived at this swing, is it just what came to her naturally, or was she coached?

Would love to hear what you see John, your likes…and what you would work on as well.

Much better swing fundamentals than Lexi Thompson. At the Nabisco, Julie Rankin was trying her very best to be constructive when reviewing Lexi’s swing with the left foot actually coming off the ground at impact.

When I talk with various instructors from time to time, I usually get “women can’t swing like that”… which I have never believed. In fact I was working with a female PGA member for a couple years and she worked through the Mods just fine and had great results.

I don’t look at too much at LPGA swings because most are flip stall or have the kind of swings that are just timing based with lots of golf balls to hit daily.

I took a quick look at Beatriz’s stats and saw that she has been a solid cut maker… missing only 3 cuts in two years. 49 out of 52 around the time this vid was shot. Has won 3 times in just a few years on tour. Apparently she is not playing really well right now… but that’s golf. Everyone has ups and downs. But this is probably the most fundamentally solid LPGA swing I have seen in a long time. She slots the club great (is it something about being from Spain?) but then works it nicely around her body left post impact and doesn’t flip over as most do. Level rotation, and steepens that shaft properly post impact which shows her pressures are working correctly through P4. Some ramped up Mod 2 stuff might be beneficial

Apparently this swing was shot during 2012 when she was playing through her best year so far.

Might be interesting to see if her release protocols have changed this year.

I don’t know her or much about her history, just what I briefly read. Maybe someone here has some insight.

That is a great swing. Hopefully she knows exactly what she has and just keeps doing that and isn’t influenced to make any major changes.

Do you think her swing might have been influenced by Trackman?

Here is another from 2012


I love what’s happening between frames 2 and 3 with the hand attitudes. It’s like a storm is brewing and about to unleash its wrath.