Beating up on some modern golfers with persimmon gear

Hey all,

I thoughtnit would be fun to share experiences of beating up on people using modern gear using classic gear. I will start with my own story.

I played a round at mare island a couple weeks ago. I was paired up with two guys that were swinging mail boxes and were just decked out in modern gear.

After the first hole I was up two on both of them. We stayed even til number five. It’s a long open par five. At this poitthey had already told me they thought they would be much longer then me and that my choice of usi ng persimmon would show itself on the par 5. Well I hit my two wood and end up out driving them by 30 yards. I followed that with another two wood that scampered over the back of the green. I’m to the green in 2. Chip on and make a putt for birdie. They were amazed as both their drive and 3 wood ended up 50 yes short of the green.

It was fun to beat up on people. And nice to at least try to send some people in the correct direction with their golf. Look forward to your stories,


The subject line made me suspicious that you may have physically assaulted someone with your wooden driver. Potentially puts the “penna” in penna-tentiary.

Another reason to use heavy gear, I guess–f=m*ouch. :smiley:

kids these days…
that story made me smile :smiley:

Hey you can’t joke about that. The other day lag and I were out for a round and we thought we were going to have to beat on some people with our classic gear.

Persimmon to the head would really hurt lol!