Barkow Putting Book

Fearing a “jinx”, I will hold off on giving a complete and detailed report…but I highly recommend Al’s book.
If you are having putting troubles, I would order it now, read it, and give it a try. An excellent golfer himself, Al has seen and talked to the best…and written books for a few of them.


Mr. Eagle, what a nice review of the book on putting. Thank you very much. It’s great to hear that it helps, which of course is the idea. Best,
Al Barkow

Thanks for your review of the “Putting Book” -

Yesterday I played nine late in the day - from the tips - thanks to ABS and Modules 1 and 2 I am now hitting the ball farther and seeing the required shots better, so no more forward tees.

I hit 7/9 greens - but alas, only 1 birdie and three 3 putts -

Today in a Memorial Day tourney with the guys I snatched 4th from what could have been a hands down victory by taking 38 putts -

So after doing my post-play daily Module exercises (1&2) I began a search of ABS for putting tips - from your Post I eventually viewed John’s You Tube with Al Barkow - then went to Mr. Barkow’s website and now intend to download his book after hitting “submit” for this response - first I had to figure out how to apply Al’s dominant hand theme to me, a left hander playing for 56 years as a righty -

The answer - I think - left hand low - this allows the thumb and forefinger of the left hand to dominate the stroke and the right hand to be a passive stabilizer - make sense? It seems to work on the carpet.

Having become near cultish in my hero worship of "Lag"s method, expostulating to all that will listen the virtues of ABS - I expect obsessive adherence to Al Barkow’s putting lessons and observations can only move me one-step closer in my quest to become not only a better ball striker but also one that score low numbers - with some frequency.

I am interested to know if you are still reaping the benefits of the “Putting Book” - in any event, Mr. Barkow’s book will shortly be part of my library. Thanks again.

Cheers, Slide :smiley: :smiley:

My feelings about Al’s book are not changed. Due to a bunch of “life stuff”, I have not played much in the past month. But I do practice almost daily the things Al promotes, hoping it will start to feel natural, just as the modules start to feel more normal to me as time goes by.

A tip that Styles gave about using a short dowel ( I used a magic marker ) helped me diagnose a tendency to strike the putt with an open face…and in retrospect I believe this has gone on for years, maybe decades :astonished: :open_mouth: . Thanks, Styles, to you also for that drill.

Al’s book gives a good prescription for this, as now I can hit the magic marker straight most of the time.

Another drill becoming a favorite of mine is to stroke putts on a yardstick, using one of those old two-colored Ping balls. A true roll can be seen with this ball, and will roll the length of the yardstick ( or meter stick) as one gets more proficient. This is an old drill of Horton Smith’s, I think, and another good diagnostic tool.

I am pretty sure Loran Robert’s stroke is what Al is advising…so I’m not sure you can get much better than that. I think he has been shown to start with his clubface 2 degees closed(R3J says), then hoods it even more on the backstroke…which in my way of thinking, he is simply pre-setting the “hood” or “tuck” that Al speaks of. I think Dave Stockton’s method is similar to AL’s also, and Geoff Mandrum rates Stockton as one of the best putter’s of all time.

All that from me, one of the worst, but still loving and devoted to Al’s method, and grateful to him. I’ve stepped up and made some 8-15 footers I never made before. Hopefully I will be able to give observations of real life experiences through the summer. :smiley:

Good luck Slide…hope you are as happy with it as me. I recommend printing the book, it made it easier for me to read and make notes.

thanks eagle … downloaded the book … read it … will start practice routine in the morning … appreciate the drills … they will be incorporated into the daily schedule … and i expect we both will be making the short ones and more of the 20 footers this season … so cool :sunglasses: … cheers s4e

Minor point of information…I used a Crayola brand marker for the dowel drill, not a Majic Marker. I think anything will work, as long as it has a consistent diameter, and nothing to cause drag on the carpet.

The Ping two color balls are fun…sometimes you can get them on eBay.

Al said this in his book…

I don’t know if I can be included in that “we”…but I gotta a believe if Al says it, many of us can be. Gonna take his word for it. Can’t hurt anything.

Just want to say i purchased the book and find that its a excellent read. It actually simplified my stroke i felt i was experimenting too much and so struggled with contact and speed but Al’s book put me back on track and feel like i’m getting a more consistent roll again i would like to ask a few questions on putting but not sure where to place those questions. Thank You for your insights on putting.

Hi guys - I’m struggling to visualise the dowel drill, does anyone have any links to a movie of it??
I haven’t purchased the book yet but it would appear pretty much a recommended read.

There is a lot of good stuff in Al’s book… he has been around for a long time and spent time with many of the games greats.
We play often, and he putts great. So I can assure you he walks his talk. Very much a right handed dominant stroke. If you are right handed, you likely do most things with your right hand. Better feel and sensitivity and coordination there. Makes sense really.

I downloaded Als book, devoured it, loved it, both instructional and fun to read.

Like Slide I’m a lefty playing right. (strangely enough the pro who taught me this game played right and putted left - I’ve recently tried this and and too ingrained as a righty - maybe he knew!)

Without doubt there’s a lot to be taken from the book, however lefties may have to rework somethings to suit how we play.

I’m not a good putter, incredible desire to improve though, I’m using a Bullseye La Femme to stay true to the game, and am also going to work on left below over close season.

Slide are you still using it and what style, split or overlap?

In effect we’d be using a backhand type of stoke, where as the right dominants would use underarm - do you thing theres a difference.
Seems to me like we’d pull, where as right doms would push.
or what about the 2Thumb grip, with the right hand overlapping the left, the lefts fingers would be on the grip and effectively just taking the right along for a ride, - still give that backhand feel feel however and not the push to the target Al talks about

I’d be interested in finding out the drills that eagle showed if you don’t mind sharing or pointing me towards.