Balls Balls Balls!

This is the 32 page list of the corforming golf balls for 2010. I took a look to see if there were any little companies making wound balls. No luck, but I noticed SEVEN different Titleist Pro V1 balls on the list and NINE Pro V1x’s. Funny, I never see 16 different varieties on the shelves, I wonder where they would be… You may also see the THREE PLUS PAGES of M/H spin Srixon balls.

[size=150]PGA TOUR: THESE GUYS ARE GOOD[/size]

They’d better be with over 200 different hot balls engineered and tailor made with NASA computers to compensate for their lack of talent. The MacG ball Nicklaus hit the stick with on 17 at Pebble in the '72 Open was so bad it shouldn’t have even been used as a range ball at the time but he still hit the stick with it. Today these hacks couldn’t get Jack’s knife airborne with their pin seeking toy golf balls.

Here is my latest propaganda video for the youtube masses.

[youtube]Ben Hogan and Sam Snead were Long Hitters - YouTube

What propaganda? Thats the gospel. Nicely done.

Great post. Picture/video worth a thousand words.

Can I get an Amen… please!!!

Boy when y’all get goin on a topic like that LB stuff y’all really get a foxhole mentality. I’m so glad I never got into any of that, seems like a lot of energy spent on something that doesn’t work well in the first place.

I’ve got a little money game in the morning and I stopped at the golf shop to have a couple of clubs tweaked and try to find some playable balls. Ma boy Lance who owns the shop already thinks I’m a nut and I added significatly to it today by ripping open every sleeve of balls he had in the store to try to dig my thumbnail in the covers and by bouncing them on wedges to listen to the sound. It’s the best way I can figure to find out how the core works without hitting full shots. I finally settled with the Nike One Tour’s. I could really get my nail into the cover, kinda like the Professionals Bom sent me, maybe even a little softer and they feel pretty good with the putter and chipshots. They’re softer than the regular ProV1 and way way softer than the Srixon Soft Feel. In fact of all the ones I tried that was one of the hardest ones, I’m surprised that is even considered a soft cover. Very ‘Pinnacle Gold’. We’ll see what happens on the course with them but I’m kind of optimistic. I’ve been practicing with the oldies but I’m not going to play for money with ten year old balls that have lost their jump. If I could get some new wound balls I’d play those but the old ones just don’t go anywhere, they have been falling out of the air like a shot duck after about 230. It sucks but the windings are just shot. I hope I don’t airmail the greens with the short irons like I did when I first switched to the ProV’s. I think I remember the yardages with solid balls. 182 is a 3/4 nine iron, right? (lol)

Are those Professionals falling out of the sky or is it those older ones you picked up? They definitely don’t have much in the air with the irons, especially the long irons, but the driver still seems to go well…
Gotta agree, there’s nothing I hate more than a dogma war… boring and pointless…
Good luck w the money game… are you using the black or platinum Nike ball? I’ve tried both… I think i found the black to be a little softer though I can’t remember if that’s meant to be the case or not…

Great stuff, Lag…it left me wanting more!

I think I got a dozen of the black, the ones in the red box. I didn’t see a platinum that I remember. I was the other way around with the pros you sent. I could hit the 3 iron 220, in fact that was the best shot I hit yesterday into the longest 3 par, 215 into the breeze and I had it 12 ft under the hole (made it). But the 2 iron and driver are going the same D, both 240. The shafts will be here wed and the ferrules and wraps about the same time. Maybe the stiffer shafts might get a little more air under the oldies but I’m interested to see what these Nike’s do. If nothing else it’ll be nice to hit smoothie 7 irons from 160 and to be able to fly a 5 on the green from 190 rather than bumping it up. It’s fun but unpredictable and things like lakes and bunkers get in the way sometimes.:mrgreen: Bombs away I guess.

I taped up the 975 driver to D8 and it feels really nice to swing. Once I put the heavy shaft in it’ll be a solid D5 with a good traj. I don’t know why more pros don’t still hit that head. It’s pretty damn solid as far as Ti goes and you can hit shots with it. I got the Wilson middle wedge today too, it was a bait and switch unfortunately and I got the JP 53 rather than the 55. The seller gave me half back on a refund and I had it cranked to 55 so it’ll work for now. The lie was set 5 upright, OMG was it ugly like that. Lance got it to 3 flat on one pull without any prob. It’s actually better looking than stock now, the hosel is DEAD STRAIGHT and it looks really good. The matching JP 50 is on the way and it’s gonna be a really nice wedge set, all D7 to E0 and really playable with a lot of different shots from everywhere inside 125. Plus the hosels are identical to the irons so the feel is gonna be the same in every iron in the bag. That’s pretty rare.

“Callaway has made me a golf ball that’s soft and my short game has come back overnight,”

Some hope from Big Ernie?

I’ll add the article but he doesn’t get into it too much… the little he did say about it stuck out a mile! … -2010.html

I was surprised by those Nike balls when I was playing. They felt really mushy at impact and I didn’t expect that at all. I didn’t hit it well at all and was overhitting just about everything so I’m not going to put a lot of stock in anything until I have a larger sample pool. The score though wasn’t as bad as I felt I was playing, 3 over on the front and even on the back. Plus my lag putting and bunker play was absolutely attrocious. Practice practice practice. Plus I was stupid putting my 8802 in the bag, I should know better than that. That putter only comes out when I’m really really on. I put that calfskin wrap on my Odyssey and that will help with distance control, it’s as easy a putter to control the pace as I’ve got and the insert is a nice combo with this ball.

It was weird on the course, like I wasn’t trusting what I was doing and I got real flippy and fast as the round wore on. As soon as I got home and got a look in the mirror I knew exactly what it was but it felt awful as I was playing. It’s a long way back I guess and I need to key in my hand action on the course. Everything for me comes out of my hands and when that goes it feels like my whole game explodes. But again the result wasn’t all that bad so that’s OK for now.

Seems like if they don’t soften the core the ball will feel soft, maybe even nice when chipping, but it wont be really compressing. Hence that mushy feeling with fuller shots. I don’t see how they can’t create balls with varying degrees of core softness that would actually compress but still be two piece. Seems like they’re doing it in reverse. I’d rather a firmer cover with a ball that would compress, than a soft feeling cover that just jumps. Kind of like when greens feeling soft under foot but when you try to fix a pitch mark you realize they’re concrete an inch or so down- they’re fun to land full shots on :angry:
btw, I must be behind the times, I think they’ve stopped the black/platinum balls…

are the balls you are talking about say literally

one black

on the ball?

and you like them with persimmon?

thanks bent

No the One Tour ball that comes in the red sleeve. Maybe it’s last year’s model, I can’t keep up yet. I’m gonna need a few rounds with the balls and shafts and everything to know what’s what and give an informed opinion.

Hey Guys,

Any updates on balls you guys are playing with persimmon these days? Recently got back into playing persimmon and while I love playing it, the crack of Pro V1 off the face does not elicit the response I’m looking for feel wise. Ball just comes out with no spin and just kind of knuckles. Wondering if there is anything these days that is remotely close to an old school balata. Probably a long shot but there must be an alternative.


If you want spin, get a urethane cover. If you want an ultra soft feel, there are some low compression options, like the Supersoft. If you want both, find a low compression, urethane ball. Not common, but maybe a few out there. Most balls are not meant to spin much off a driver, so that may remain an issue for you.

I use the Vice Pro Plus, similar to a Prov1x, and it performs well. It’s a high compression ball though, and doesn’t remind me on a balata at all in terms of feel.

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I like the Wilson Duo Spin+ Also the Bridgestone ball that Tiger uses seems to work well.