Ball selection?

What kind of ball do all of you play?

Does ball selection differ that much with vintage blades and persimmons?

Do you focus on distance, control, spin, compression, ball flight, exc. ?

Personally i like a low spin ball so i can keep the ball low and run it up to the greens.

I use the Wilson DX2 Soft all the time now, prefer them to a ProV1. They are a 1/3 of the cost as well.

Going along with the ABS principles of working the ball on every shot. You really need to play a high spin ball with a Urethane cover. 99% of 2 piece balls will have a Surlyn cover and won’t spin as much,even though some may feel soft.aka soft feel srixon.

You honestly can’t go past a prov1 for performance. While it may not ‘feel’ exactly like some people want.if you want performance around the greens and have the ability to work left any urethane 3 piece ball is a must.

Good luck stopping a surlyn 2 piece on a firm green…

I tried the Srixon Soft Feels a couple of years ago and didn’t like them at all round the greens, due to lack of spin so went back to playing Prov1s. The DX2s seem to get plenty spin even on little pitch and chip shot, so I won’t be spending an extra £27 a dozen on Prov1s again. But maybe you need to factor in that we have just had one of the wettest summers on record.