B8 Swingweight ... What?!

I have a set of S400s pullouts and a set of Hogan PC heads.

The shaft with grip weighs 179g and the 5i head weighs 242g. (My Golfsmith G40 5 iron head weighs 254g… I thought these older Hogan’s were heavy, guess not.)

When put together they balance (on the end of a razor) at 69.5325 centimeters.

I wanted to figure out the swingweights with an online calculator as I do not have a scale.

The 5 iron came out to B8 !!!

I’m astonished!

Don’t use the online calculators. Get them measured. I used an online calculator once and was 7 swingweight points off from what it said on TWO different scales.

My Apex PC’s came out to C9.

That’s with S300 shafts and some standard lamkin grips. I bet those PC’s are light, but not B8 light. Hogan’s for the most part from my experience come in about D-1 with a standard grip.



Thanks 3jack…

I was about to lose it.

These S400s have Golf Pride DD2 grips. They should be 50g. That’s about average I suppose.

Also Pinz, those PC’s are from the 80’s so might not be as heavy as the heavy that Lag and others talk about when they’re talking about 60’s Hogans. Also, you didn’t buy those ladies clubs did you? :wink:

They weren’t supposed to be, lol. But I’m not so sure now.

The buttonbacks I have feel much heavier… But the PCs are so purdy.

I have '63 IPT’s, '67 Percussions and '70 Bounce Sole 1+'s (along with the Apex PC’s) and all of them run at D-1 swingweight with a regular, 50 gram grip.

My guess is that with the S400’s, they’ll come out to close to D-1.


Not sure which calculator you used but those sort of figures will lead to C1-C2, still light but your club only weighs 421g.

My (standard) 5 iron, a D5, weighs 450g assembled and balances another 15mm closer to the head than yours. I can totally imagine yours is only only C1/C2.

btw: how did you measure the balance point so accurately - about 1/100th of the thickness of a human hair? Or did you convert it from inches?

Convert from inches.

I took the PC 4i and 7i to my local builder: C0 on both… I guess the calculator wasn’t so far off.

I also brought my Wilson BB 4i and 7i: D0 on the 4i and D2 on the 7i.

I’d need to add a 10g tip weight AND 10g of tape to just get the PCs to D0… I’m not too happy, :frowning:

Wow, C-0.

Do you want some clubhead with your lead tape?


lol… tell me about it.

The good news is I’m the highest bidder on a set of Apex II irons with #4 shafts… :slight_smile: I’ll never give up, lol.

are there any drawbacks to just tip weighting modern blade offerings? i am tired of trolling around ebay for a bargain :frowning: also what is considered heavy for an old school blade head?

What to do?

5 iron:

Raw weight: 437.92 (4.8g lighter than Lag’s specs)
Swingweight: D6 (added 7g of lead tape to achieve this)
Shafts: s500 (I cannot find that raw weight of these, but I am guessing 125-130g)

7 iron:

Raw weight: 454.7 (13g lighter than Lag’s specs! :astonished: )
Swingweight: D6 (added 7g of lead tape to achieve this, most of the irons were D2.5)

9 iron:

Raw weight: 469.10 (12g lighter than Lag’s specs :unamused: )
Swing weight: D6 (added 7g of lead tape etc)

So my questions are:

  1. Pros/cons of tipweighting
  2. What does an old school blade iron head weigh?

I know the easy route is to buy an old school set (I thought I had actually!) Seems that even blades got a bit light headed after say…1970! :open_mouth: And yes I can estimate based on my numbers above but I am not certain about the weight of the s500s etc. Surely your can set up a “Lag Set” in the modern era!

I coach. I pretty much sold my best player on the heavy…stiff…flat business. But he is assuming that the modern blade is heavy. His “numbers” at the the club fitter were good. He is putting the KBS tour x-stiff tour shaft and having it swign weighted to D6. The clubfitter pitched a fit, but his numbers got better the heavier and stiffer he went! I am concerned that modern blades simply are not nearly as heavy as the old stuff…so what to do?