Avatar - or Why we should use our real names

I motion that everyone with a nickname place their full name in their avatar… just like I did. That way, we can look up our GHIN indexes. Sorry, but the anonymity, coupled with nastiness, makes for a snarky forum. Add a handicap greater than 12 to the above, and well, you have zero credibility on a forum such as this.

I built model rockets as kid….
I know a guy who’s an expert and he said…
I once hit a ball where I aimed two holes in a row…

These are example of ridiculous, troll-like behavior. So just stop.

Furthermore, it’s not considered credible “science” unless you credit your sources…in full.


Les Murray

Recreational golfer whos last handicap was a 12 (2021). Been an ABS student since 2013 and am currently on Mod 9.

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Am pretty sure you qualified already Les. :smiley:

Not to one-up you…

Fore_Thirty has been silenced from the forum…
I gave him multiple warnings, and he ignored and has disrespected many on here.
I or we, don’t have time for that…

I have no problem being questioned on anything that I teach or demonstrate… but after posting a couple of videos such as the shaft flex stuff… clearly debunking their theories of the “impossible”… it becomes ad nauseam… jerking everyone’s chain etc.

I am going to silence or block folks who come here with bad faith or intentions.
Again, I have no issue with intelligent conversation about the golf swing, or disagreeing with what we teach here etc… it actually is welcomed because it gives a chance or reason to take a deeper dive into the topic… demonstrate etc.

The shaft flex thing… rolling shutter distortion etc… are all real things and worthy of discussion.

I think it’s important to keep a respectful and positive vibe here… like it always was before.

I suppose with the BBG series, it has invited a lot of the general golf public to the forum that wouldn’t normally have landed here or found us from the more articulate discussions around the web (back ten years ago).

While things have changed, what should not change is a general vibe of respect and considerate postings.