Are these persimmons salvageable?

These Hogan Apex persimmons are looking like they will sell for next to nothing on auction here in the UK. I have little no no experience working with persimmon myself, but keen to make a start (I have plenty of experience with irons and general club work, just not persimmon).

To me, the heads appear to be in overall fair condition, except that there are visible scuffs and bruises to the club faces. In one case (5 wood I think) it looks like there is actually a “chunk” missing. Can anyone that has some experience with persimmon give me their quick and dirty assessment please?

A few more pics:

You could always bodge up the face with some clear epoxy mixed with saw dust. Would be tricky recutting the grooves though.

Might be ok to have a bit of fun messing around with, but can be a false economy buying clubs like this. Surely plenty of decent persimmons for sale for about £30 each?

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Thanks Neil.

Yeah I wouldn’t want to do much if any work to them really….just a mess about…and as I say it looks like I’ll be able to name my price.

(I’m still looking for ABS spec gear as you know from our other discussion and this isn’t going to change my intentions on that front).

Put it this way - do these Hogans look like they’re in “playable” condition to you as they stand?

You can certainly patch them up and play them.

I’d let the clock run down and offer him £20 inc post.??

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