Are these ok to buy to start tinkering?

I don’t know anything about “ABSing” some clubs. Are these a good starting point?

I’ll be interested to see if there are any comments from more knowledgeable folks. They’re in beautiful condition! I think that these irons are made from heads that have some (probably fairly minor) manufacturing defect and are thus considered unacceptable for the “pro” line and then fitted with a less expensive shaft. If the shafts are stiff enough it might be worth it, but I’d guess they’re not. Any indication of flex on the shafts? I can never remember whether red is regular and black is stiff or the other way around with the old Wilsons…

The shafts look almost like aluminum shafts. If so I wouldn’t bother.

They are. Agreed. Read on here that it’s best to find something with a stiff shaft already.

If you’re just getting started with ABS I really don’t think it matters too much. Aluminum shafts are too light and not worth the trouble to get reshafted (I tried).

What you mostly want right now is just some soft forged clubs that will bend pretty easily. Your club fitter is going to freak out anyways when you tell him 6* flat.

I have over 50 sets of blades. Many to most have been bent 6 degrees flat. Looking to downsize my stash. All steel shafts, some 1 inch longer. Some leather grips. Macgregors, Wilson, Haig Ultra, Ram, Palmer Standards, Spalding Top Flights. Let me know if you would like to see any and I will figure out how to get you pics. Some 2-9 ,some 2-PW. Will sell any set for $75 including shipping.

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I’m in! The heaviest stiffest set you have. The closest to ABS specs would be awesome! I’ll PM you.

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I have 2 sets of 1972ish MT’s with Tourney Lite Shafts. One is a split sole and one a standard sole. Also, have a nice set of Wilson Staffs with very thin top lines. Also, Macgregor Tourney Customs 985 blades. If interested let me know set(s) to send pictures of.


What are the Ram’s? Are they the Golden Ram Tour Grind? I used to play those back in college for a while, loved them!

I sent you a PM… Hopefully we can work something out