Anyone using led tape?

Anyone here that use led tape to increase the swingweight?
How heavy are your clubs?
Someone that wants to share pictures on their irons with led tape attached :slight_smile:

Just about everybody here uses lead tape.

You want to get the roll of lead tape. Particularly the high density lead tape. 1 inch of HD lead tape = 1 gram = 0.5 swingweight points. Thus, a 2 inch strip of HD lead tape = 1 swingweight point.

I do MOI matching in place of swingweight matching and found that a 2-inch strip of HD lead tape = 25 kg/cm2.

One can also use little weight ports in place of lead tape. The go right into the tip end of the shaft and you just epoxy them into the tip end of the shaft and re-install the club. They do this because of appearance and lead tape does wear off pretty well after only a month and that can affect the MOI.


Thank’s 3JACK,

Do you have any pictures that you can share? And how heavy are your clubs?


I don’t have any off-hand pics at the moment. Maybe tonite. My regular laptop’s hard drive crashed, so I’m using my old one which is slow until my computer gets repaired (it’s under warranty). So it may be too much of a pain in the arse to upload a picture.

I believe in MOI matching over swingweight matching. So, my 3-iron is about D-1.5, my 6-iron is about D-4 and my PW is about D-7. I haven’t fiddled around with the weight on the driver and fairway woods, yet.


Hey Hans - take a look at this thread → viewtopic.php?f=211&t=260&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=lag+specs. It details out in a word file what Lag’s specs are for his woods and irons. I set up one of my iron sets to resemble his and you will notice that the dead weight is considerably heavier than a modern set. I cut 2" strips of lead tape from a large roll and place them across the back of the head wherever it can fit without risking it getting ripped off by bag chatter or by the ground. I’ll post some pics later this evening of my irons.

Didn’t you have a MP-29 set that weighted at E-0 ?
I found this in another thread. Did you feel that they were to heavy?

Thanks for the link, very interesting. It would be fun to try a 6 or 7 iron that is set up as “Lag’s Personal Equipment Specifications”.
My two biggest swing flaws (I got lots of them, fat shots etc…) are OTT and over acceleration.
Flat and heavy irons seems to be the best cure for this “disease”…
But you have put all extra weight behind the sweet spot? I read somewhere that there are golfers that put extra weight on the shaft as well.

Not me.

I had some Hogans that I set to about D-6. Never owned the MP-29. I own a set of the MP-62’s and the TN-87.

I made them heavy for a reason. However, I believe that there is something faulty with making each club the same swingweight with my knowledge of MOI matching and seeing it in action. I think one should use the 6-iron as the ‘base club’ and fiddle around with the weight until you get it where you think it is the best for you, feel wise and performance wise. Measure the MOI and then match the rest of the irons to that MOI.

The problem with going D-6 with every club in the bag is that the longer irons will require much more force and the shorter irons will require less force to swing them. Thus, you now have to adjust how much force you will use when you swing the club.

If you have ever had a set of irons and have that 1 or 2 clubs in that set of irons that you just seem to hit like crap all of the time…it’s probably because the MOI measurement is way off from the rest of the set.


Hans - here is a picture of my gear. You can see that the lead tape is placed horizontally across the back of the clubhead. I haven’t tried putting lead tape other than on the head but I’m sure other people have. I think if you search the forums, you will see some discussion about adding weight under the grip. Hope this helps!


Johnkeh - looks cool :slight_smile:
What Hogan irons are you using, it looks like it says Apex on the sole but there has been a few different Apex versions.
Just curious if they are old ones or newer models.

Glad you like them. These are the Apex PC’s from the early 80s so a little on the older side :smiley: .

I’m pretty sure I’m going to take my Apex PC’s and get their re-chromes from the Iron Factor and install new shafts. They are a fantastic model of irons.



What do you think of the Vector shafts?

My thought is that they were really a shaft designed for hitters, not so much for swingers. The common complaint out on tour was that they felt too hard, because they were too wide at the grip end and that special grips had to be made that were thinner over the metal to accommodate. I think they are an interesting concept.

I heard Hogan was disappointed they didn’t take off and become the new way to shaft a set of clubs.

I’d love to find a set of #5 Vectors and drop them into some heavy heads.


I could see in some other threads, two different word docs that describes how your woods an irons are set up.
In one doc you have iron1 - iron9 = D6, PW, Gap PW = E4 and SW E9

in the other doc (MacGregor M85) it is: 2iron - 7iron D8, i8 D9, i9 E0, PW E3, Gap PW E4 and SW E9
Lie were almost the same.

What do you prefer, progressive like the 2nd set up?
What is the reason for the SW being more upright than the other clubs?


I have one in a Apex PC 2-iron. When you hit it, they really really go. I think they require more force and I think with the long irons they require probably too much force than what the golfer is used to. If you can MOI match them, then that makes them a little more reasonable to hit them, particularly with the long irons.