Anyone selling ABS spec irons? (March 2023)

Hello, recently moved to Utah (originally from Britain) and would love to get hold of some ABS spec irons either locally or via shipping.

I’ve been following Brad’s modules since 2018 and figure it’s about time I fully embrace the methods by practicing and playing with flatter clubs.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the area. I moved out here a couple years ago. Skiing is great this year if you’re into the slopes - we’ve had loads of snow.

I have a spare set of irons that already have weight added, but they’d need to be bent flatter. Really clean Haigs. Let me know if you’re interested. If you’re in the SLC area you could take a look at them at a local range and decide.

Others on here have sets for sale you can ship out here. You can also find some stuff online.

Best of luck.