Any ABSers try to get into the US Open?

I remember reading Lag gave it a run last year… anyone give it a try this year?

I tried to send in my entry, but failed to find a golf course that peaked my interest around this area. There was a course down in LA I liked, but that’s a long drive down for a one rounder… if it was a two rounder I would have gone.

Maybe next year.

I hope to try next year. Last year the course they had it at where I lived is crazy long. I’d be hitting 3-hybrids and 3-woods into approach shots. Not very appealing, but the US Open is my dream tournament to win.


Shot +6 with 36 putts. Played with guy that won it. He had 2 chip ins and and probably 26 putts. Is there an advanced shortgame blog?

“Nothing beats a miss but a try”


Twomasters has some excellent chipping/pitching stuff posted on the ABS student side

and Al’s putting book is great…I’d say read that thread for more info and consider getting the e-book

well done for trying elg1918

Rikard Karlberg is a student of one of the Pro ABS Students working in the private area…
Maybe like and ABS grandson…

Rikard tees off early tomorrow morning at Pebble, then “HL” and I are going to have a hit up at the Mare tomorrow afternoon.