Another Vintage Gem- Armour T693W

Just picked this up a few days ago on fleabay $21.50 + SH…
Been looking around for an Armour driver and really lucked out on this one, appears to be all original…
stampings and finish are in good shape as is the face and insert…even had the original grip…
Definitely was cared for! :smiley: Judging by the step pattern looks like stiff flex, no shaft band…
and chrome all slick and intact… Was 13.3 oz dead-weight, added a little lead under the sole plate to 13.8 oz. and a grip… off to the links with it tomorrow!

693 002.jpg
693 001.jpg

She’s a beauty, and you got her for a good price too :wink:

Congrats! Are you going to flatten her?

Thanks IOZ!
love it…hit great today…when I connected! :laughing:

Probably will leave this one stock, I seem to hit them better that way… fairways woods I do prefer the
3-4 degrees flat…
I am sure not wanting to mess this one up… kinda rare to find one this old in this good of cond.
I look forward to the day that I can hit a flattened driver well, have a couple that I drill and hit balls with,
more MOD work , still on mod 3!!

take care!

I think it’s a good decision, it is a rare find (and you can always change your mind later on should you want to flatten it anyway).

Well, three rounds with this club and I do believe this will stay in the bag as my favorite !
Still sticking with persimmon only in the bag and shot an 89 today on a fairly tight tree lined track I have been hitting
locally, embarassed to say I had 5 3- putts today :imp: … so my handicap is back up to a 13…
All mod3 drills and fullswing practice and no short game practice does not bode well for my scoring!
However, I am hitting the ball solid as ever, highlight today 423yd par 4, 210 to carry a ridge slightly up hill…
connected awesome with the drive and 120 to the green, punch 9 iron to fringe 20 feet, 2 putts for par…
Great to know if I put the pieces together I can handle a tough hole with persimmon… :smiley: