another persimmon course bites the dust

I was in Fort Worth last week, and went by Z Boaz GC to sneak in a few holes at the end of the day. Z Boaz was the successor to Dan Jenkins’ legendary Goat Hills - a bona fide blue collar muni that hosted its share of knock-down, drag-out gambling games. At 6000 yards, though, I guess it was considered less than a “real” course by today’s titanium standards, and probably couldn’t muster the public support to stay in business. Instead, they had a master plan posted by the clubhouse showing the location of the proposed park’s kite meadow, dog park, yoga pasture, etc. What’s a dinosaur to do??

z boaz.jpg

Hate to hear that. I never played Boaz, but love playing Meadowbrook and Pecan Valley which are both Ft Worth munis and are persimmon friendly. Give them a try next time.

Thanks jwb - I’ll check those tracks out next time I’m in Cowtown. Wish I could play more golf in Ft Worth - Hogan, Nelson, Dan Jenkins, Colonial - what a great golf town!! All of it old school!

Another surf spot bites the dust…