Another convert

We had 12 guys show up today to play on an incredibly warm (even for Texas) December 30th.

I’ve become the “vintage outcast” amongst many of the 10 or 20 regulars we have and am often the target of a lot of good-natured kidding when it comes to both the age and setup of my gear. One of the regulars (who had warned me in advance) had visited his folks over the holidays and showed up today with the most pristine set of Wilson Bullet-backs I will likely ever see. They were his Dad’s… had S300’s in them… and looked like they’d been played 20 rounds tops. Simply gorgeous looking blades!

He’s about a 14 handicap and after the round I asked him how they worked. He gave it a double-thumbs up and he actually may have played better than he normally does with his CB’s. It was bittersweet as I was hoping he might have shot 120 and put them up for sale. They are now his “gamers”. :wink: :cry:

When I heard he used a 1-iron into the par-5 first hole for his second shot and knocked it “handy” I briefly teared up.



I had an apprentice pro pull the Slazenger 2-iron out of my bag in intrigue the other day. “You could butter bread with that,” he said.