Angled Hinge Swinging

I’d like to get the thoughts of some on this forum, with their ideas on the pros and cons of angled hinge swinging. I’ve seen on some forums where people have said that both Nicklaus and Duval in his prime were angled hinge swingers.

It seems to me it could be a very reliable action, as it’s very pivot oriendted, however, you don’t have to rely on what Lag refers to as “well oiled hinges”


I don’t believe you can truly angle hinge swing and keep the shaft on plane through impact.

Well oiled hinges have nothing to do with a hitters release action through and post impact either.
I’m referring to transition and dropping it into the slot and getting on the 4:30 line so that you can then hit from a platform
offering greater range of motion for embracing an active muscular strike using forearm rotation and so forth.

Would a angled hinge swinging action be like what Dante taught with the early wrist break Thanks

If you are truly swinging… that arms are going to seek an inline position with the arms moving off the body, shaft and arms inline. If the wrists remain truly passive as they should for swinging… then the clubface is going to shut quickly just past impact because the clubface is also going to be seeking to line up the centered mass of the clubhead which is basically resting onplane or the toe pointing at the target.

So if you are angle hinging you are manipulating CF and not really swinging.