An equipment "moment" or two

Just felt the urge to relay this sequence of events from last week.

I walk into the pro-shop at one of my normal haunts where I consider the staff to be my friends and who are well aware of my equipment leanings. One of the assistant pro’s immediately pulls me aside and says they have something I might be interested in. He goes upstairs and brings down an un-hit Titleist 975D, X-stiff, 7.5 degrees of loft with the headcover that looked like it came outta the box. Of course all I could do was stare at it with the same grin on my face that the asst pro had on his as he was quite aware that I was probably the only guy that could/would appreciate it. I asked him to get back with me with what the head pro wanted for it, but I suspect I’ll get a really good deal on it.

Fast forward a day or two and I’m in a Golfsmith looking at new drivers for the first time in years. I’ve been using a 983e for quite a while but still feel like I’m giving up too much in my regular games off the tee and I know I could likely pick up a quick 20 yards or so with a driver upgrade. Yea, I know…looks like I’m whoring myself out by looking at a new driver, but I don’t want to donate every week to competitors who are able to hit it by me solely due to equipment. (It’s not a pure donation, but I’m spotting guys 3 a side who can hit it 300). Anyway… I pull a Ping I20 off the rack and the head was SO big that I thought I was holding a 7-iron despite it being a 45 inch long club. The grin I had when I saw that pristine 975D was replaced with a laugh-out-loud moment. I quickly put it back on the rack and decided that I hit the 983e good enough.

There are frying pans and then there are frying pans!

i just picked up a 983 k of ebay. i’ve only played one round with it, but i liked it alot. i was banging it out there pretty good too.

i got rid of my big white taylor made right when i started abs,
i had it for 9 months and it ruined me…worst driver i have ever hit in my life. double misses, just horrible. i can’t believe it is in so many bags on tour.

i like playing the persimmons alot, but i have a member guest coming up where i need to keep up as you say and there is alot of side action going on,
i don’t trust my swing yet old schooling it. it could make an expensive outing even more expensive :blush:

the persimmons definitely have a permanent place in my future though, they fit well with courses i play.

I don’t think there have been a lot of tech improvement over the last few years besides the moving around of weights. The Titleist D you mention Robbo was a great driver. I also like the “J”. I picked up a J on ebay last year for about 35 bucks. I think both those drivers are just about as good as anything out there , if you have a proper shaft. Good post buddy…

played my 1st 9 holes of the year the other day with my brother. 70 degrees out and the course was bone dry from our very dry winter. 9th hole a great par 4 I pulled out a Wood Bros, never said anything to my 2 playing partners, but said a quick prayer to the Gods not to duff it and smoked it up the middle just short of about 240 yds. The 60 year old guy who I was playing with was a great swinger of the club, he was a cool guy, we exchanged stories of playing Pebble, he played in 75 and shot 79. He says to me " throw that Callaway driver away and just play that". made my day. :laughing: