An American in Paris … ?GT1=39002

Good thing he didn’t spend time on The Asian Tour 20 years ago.

Incredibly poor behavior for some one who got his pockets filled with cash just for playing. (word is he got close to $200,000…his new sponsor should be Kleenex…
he needs to harden up and get off the pedestal the USA writers and media have put him on.
it’s the same events for everyone…no-one should ever pay him one cent again to come play anywhere for acting like a spoiled brat … py-070111/ … les-.html/

He better not go to some of the emerging golf countries in Asia where spectators have been known to pick up balls for souvenirs.

There’s a rotten sense of entitlement in golf and it’s not just some pros–just have a look at the GolfWRX Rules and Etiquette forum. It’s actually been surprisingly good lately but typically 3 in 4 threads are from golfers whinging about other golfers. Very sad.

When I heard Watson was coming to Australia later this year, I was quite excited thinking it was Tom. I couldn’t have been more let down when I discovered it was Bubba.

How are appearance fees determined? Does the event figure out in total how much they can spend, then spread that total amount around in different proportions as they see fit.

Or do the players set the fee themself, and then let the world know what their price is either directly, if contacted, or through an professional booking or management agency.

Never understood how that system works.

Does seem rather odd for someone to accept a money offer to play a game and then forgets one simple rule: Don’t bite the hand that feeds 'ya. :slight_smile:

I like Bubba, and he’s been great when I’ve met him. I was very dissapointed to hear this, though. I can imagine the cameras were really annoying if you’re used to playing without them, but making a stink publicly doesn’t do you any good, especially when you received an appearance fee and especially when nobody else is complaining.

It certainly is a reason why a lot of American PGA Tour pros don’t travel over either pond. However, if you do, then you should expect things to be different than at home.

When I first turned pro, I chose to play other places, not just for the golf but for the life experiences, different cultures and so forth. It’s one of the really nice privileges of a golf pro who has some kind of backing or is just really good. And I’ll repeat that again… “privilege”.

Personally I was very impressed by the globe trotting tour pros that just played everywhere they could. It was nothing for some of the guys to play some European events, some events in Asia, South Africa, South America, Canada, and some in the US if they could get in events there. It’s good for your game… makes you a better and more complete player to be able to adapt to all the variety of conditions that are presented… not just one version of golf with pristine greens and fairways held to tight tolerances and golf courses that look and play similar also. I was personally turned off on the PGA Tour’s move toward homogenizing the game that started in the late 80’s moving more and more events into TPC style golf courses that basically where designed off the same basic premise.

A great player can get it done anywhere. Just because one tour has more money than another, does not make it a better test of golf. There are great players everywhere… and being able to prove yourself as a competitor across the entire spectrum is the sign of a true master of the game. Traveling can be very tough on the body and difficult to deal with. A master player sets up his game to deal with it.

I have made the argument that Gary Player may very well be the greatest golfer of all time for this reason. He proved himself everywhere he played and won more events world wide than anyone. I think his golf swing and his entire game really… was geared for handling adversary and diversity. He did great on all the tours… even the US Tour winning 9 majors and all of them. His record world wide is unmatched by anyone by a long shot. Toss in his longevity as a tour player and you really have something amazing that in my opinion deserves “greatest ever” consideration.

Bubba has seemed a bit out of sorts his last few starts. I think he’s trying hard not to let his anger take over, but you can sense it when he plays. I’ve had the good fortune to travel Europe on business and spend a some time in Paris, one of the great capital cities. Bubba missed a wonderful opportunity to explore a city rich in history, food and wine. I hope reports that he poured a 1787 Chateau Lafite off his hotel balcony are false. That’s a hanging offense. Go home, Bubba, stay there and try and figure out if you want to be a global player or a one-dimensional pedestrian player. Will be interesting to see if the backlash has an effect on his game going forward. He’s a bit of a hothouse flower.

This is the same guy who get’s caught on an open mic saying “F’ing veterans” cause he sees Elkington walk in his peripheral vision. I can only imagine the negative effect the environment at the French would have on his play… what a shocker. I just wanna know how he can play with that gigantic white $500,000 watch on his wrist? Now THAT looks distracting!

C’mon Bubba… man up or put the earphones in.

When I was growing up… there was an aura of “respect for the game” that permeated everywhere from the clubhouse to how you tied your shoes.

Most all of that is gone now. My feeling is that the game is not respecting itself properly being led by a failing institution such as the USGA… so it all just comes down stream from there.

There are some people of course who “get it”… and hopefully over time some of them end up in positions of influence.

We can always hope Lag.

These sorts of incidences show the true colors of the individual… much more than their words. BW is now off my radar as one of the new breed that I care to root for. He talks like he’s the common-man… speaks loudly that he “DID NOT BUY THAT WATCH”, but wears it anyway, and now he acts like a spoiled brat in France. The jerk meter is going off loudly.

Gotta admit that I’m grateful to be old enough to appreciate the golf from the 70’s and 80’s compared to what they serve up weekly these days.

How does a bum like this get his hands on a bottle of 1787 anyways? Aren’t there laws against this type of thing… it’s bad enough having the dual stigma on me when I travel without monkeys like this firing Marie Antoinette shells… more ignorance, more American hyper-propagandist programmed acts of destruction. So common nobody even blinks at it anymore. Perfect. Moron, err Bubba, no moron was right, stay home in your overleveraged Orlando McMansion and shut up. Nobody with a life cares.