Aluminum Shaft Article from Time Magazine - 12/08/1967,9171,844245,00.html

Interesting stuff getting back in a time machine with Peabody and his boy Sherman. :wink:

I thought this was interesting because my father’s clubs are Hogan +1 bounce soles with Aluminum shafts. PW-3 iron, 1W, 2W, 4W, 5W & 7W. I’m debating getting these bent and playing or just getting my Mizuno Trues bent to 6* flat. The Aluminum shafts don’t feel bad, they just feel different. I wanted as much info as possible on that technology and why it didn’t take off.

Oddly enough there is a technology war going on in the sport of Archery over aluminum vs. carbon shafts. Aluminum is straighter, but damages easier. Carbon is not as straight (by a factor of 3), but doesn’t have a memory.

Anyway, I figured a few people would enjoy the article as there is certainly a resurgence in classic club interest on this forum…and for good reason. Keep in mind that some of the clubs you come across may have aluminum shafts.


Captain Chaos

Thanks for that post… interesting stuff…

A lot of the ideas we see today were being thought about a long time ago… even 7800 yard golf courses… The Concord.

All the problems could have been solved by restricting head size, and shaft length. You can’t use a softball bat to play baseball… rules have their purpose, to protect the game’s integrity, something the USGA and R and A have failed at miserably.

The aluminum shafts from what I understand had torquing issues… But Palmer and Archer did well with them.

I think I have a set of Aluminum shafts in a set or two… so I might have to go out and play them for a few rounds so I can speak more intelligently about the topic.

Thanks again for the article!

I’d appreciate the feedback, Lag. I’m really in a bit of a quandary on what to do with the set and your expertise would be invaluable.


Captain Chaos