Alterations make clubs feel different?

Hey Lag,

i have a question. I had a set of MP33´s made to your specs a while ago and the club fitter used tungsten/lead? powder in the hosel.
Ever since these clubs feel completely different, very damp to me. I had 67s and 14s and other bladed clubs, and none of them ever felt that “feedbackless” - impact really feels bad imo, very uncharacteristic for Mizunos. Is it possible that the change in swing weight with weight powder can change the feel?


Hard to say without hitting them. Too many unknowns. I don’t like putting in more than a half ounce of powder. Some of the modern heads are way to light to even start with.

I field test all sets we retro fit here, and make sure offset is removed correctly. Some of the more modern forgings are
using a harder metals that feels more like a cast club.