Alexis Thompson

I know the girl can play, but this hurts just lookin at it… My spine would fall out…

This is the perfect example of what the human body is capable of doing (especially with youth/flexibility/practice), despite the fact it is doing something so completely opposite of what would make it simpler or easier on the body.

I’ve seen other golfers make the most God-awful convoluted swing and wonder “How did they even make contact, let alone hit it anywhere near where they intended?” but they do. The human body is a marvelous machine.

I see a future in chiropractic and orthopedic medical bills in this one. That’s not a swing that’s going to be sustainable for long and she will be paying for it with her body long after her career ends. It’s a shame her coach/parents don’t do anything but I guess $$$ first, everything else last.

The thing is, it’s not like that’s an uncommon move at all. Go to a highly competitive high school or college event (male or female) and many of the top players are great putters and wedge players, but they have very Alexis Thompson-like swings. They hit it a mile and hit good wedges. The equipment they use and the courses they play don’t demand any more than that. I know this message is conveyed over and over on here, and it sounds like beating a dead horse, but there are so many of these swings out there now.

Ben Hogan was asked about the distances guys were hitting it in an interview … He stated something along the lines of… over 72 holes you still have to be good from tee to green regardless… I’ve saw Tiger up close when he was using steel shafts in his woods… He was far more impressive back then and stats from around 2000 were much better than they have been and had better impact angles to prove it… Is it the gear, poor instruction, combination of both? If I needed a coach, I’d take Bradley and John over these so called top 100 teachers any day of the week… Why can’t an instructor look at the frying pans and say , this is garbage and is causing you to be wild off the tee… If I had the means, I’d go play full time on the Hooters tour again, use persimmons and see how good I can get… I played better in my early 20’s before falling for the equipment hype, and struggled no matter how much I practiced… No doubt there is a lot of talent out there, but they won’t ever reach their true potential…