Advice on Club Refinishing


I just purchased a set of Hogan 1960 Thrust irons on Ebay for a whopping $9.99 plus shipping. I couldn’t wait to hit them so I snuck out to the range to try them out. I love them. I know nothing about refinishing clubs so I thought I would ask your advice. Although the grooves are in pretty good shape I would like to get back some of their old character; shine them up and regrip them. Can you direct me to someone that does refinishing work or advise me on what you recommend?

Sorry if this has already been covered. I looked in the EQUIPMENT section but didn’t see anything on refinishing…littlealm … 2godXiywHA

Here’s a few places… I have never used any of these companies

Sort of gets $$$ when you get an entire set done…but still not too bad when the entire set only cost $10 to begin with

Other students may have some more ideas that are local … I have seen sets that have been redone and they come out looking real nice… just watch out for the regroove on some. I have a set that was regrooved (bought on e-bay) and they don’t feel good. Too much upshoot… If the grooves look decent enough just let them be and get the finish re done and that’s all in my opinion

Go to That’s the best and the cheapest. Problem with re-chroming is that you’ll lose some weight, but Iron Factory’s re-chroming process can actually add or take off weight to your specifications. And they are pretty cheap as well. A friend of mine had some rust bucket Titleist Tour model irons that looked practically brand new when he got them back.


Thanks 3JACK. Very much appreciated…littlealm

I was thinking about refinishing some beat up clubs - but for me it was hard to find someone who could actually do it properly. I talked with a couple clubmakers and they told me, almost everytime they got clubheads back from the refinishing process the head weights were all over the place and nowhere near the original weight - which is a big concern for me. Did any of you who shipped of clubs to these guys every weighted the club heads after you received them and verified consistency?

I would repost the question in the equipment forum also as there are some good club techies out there that don’t see this private area…

I would believe it depends how much they have to cut back and rechrome as to how much weight will be lost…easily fixed though with weights inserted and fixed down the shaft/hosel or lead tape

Wanted to post this for you guys who are contemplating getting your irons refinished. I have had several individual irons done at The Iron Factory, and Jim has done a great job. The other day I called him to check on a putter head he was re-chroming, and he said “Sorry I haven’t gotten to it yet…I am doing some custom work on Tiger’s Irons”. I said “Tiger Woods?” He goes, “yeah, Nike sends all his irons to me to be chromed because he has very specific requirements regarding how thick of a finish he likes on them”. We proceeded to talk about many of the pro’s he’s done work for over the years, and Nicklaus’ name came up as did Gene Littler, Billy Casper and a bunch of others as well. From what I can gather, Jim was a helluva an amateur player in his day as well…told me some stories about playing with Weiskopf…really nice guy.


Also said he’s been working on Tiger’s Irons since he was a teenager…


tell him to bend them flatter and stick some lead in the hosels :laughing:

Hahahaha… would be funny if Tiger sent in a Nike Titanium driver for some work and Jim sent him back a MacGregor M85, and said “here ya go…everything is fixed”