Advanced Ball Striking Welcomes Justin Tang..

Justin was so kind to give me a visit this last weekend from Singapore. Justin is the voice of
TGM for the island nation of 5 million.

We had a great afternoon playing persimmons out at Mare Island in a stiff bay breeze. Justin
played a set of 1952 MacGregor MT M85’s.

Justin will be joining us here and will be helping us all bridge the understanding between TGM concepts, and integrating
Advanced Ball Striking techniques into his game and teaching.

Read the article here on PDF

Hello Justin,

I am looking forward to your posts. Good luck with everything.


Justin took this sequence of me firing a drive off the 13th tee.

welcome Justin

Great looking swing there Lag

Thanks 1teebox…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome Brad…look forward to learning from you guys.

Welcome Justin!

Welcome Justin – I just checked out your blog quickly and see that you have the video of Lag’s swing sequence above embedded in there – check it out if you haven’t – awesome. Good stuff there from Seve on short game too.

Hi Justin,

Great to have you here! Did you manage to capture Lags swing DTL at all with that great camera of yours. It would be super cool to see that now its been all flattened out!

Cheers, Arnie

Thanks Arnie…yes, I captured lag with my Casio. Good stuff there…BUT…nothing like playing with the man himself!

Welocme Justin

Welcome aboard Sinapoe Slinger nice to have a person of your caliber here on this site to share your knowlege of the The Golfing Machine. I know you can shed the light on the terminology of the TGM book here, and for those of you that need some clarification Justin can help with that. I can vouch for him I’ve know him for quit some time now. I’m Glad you made home safely keep up with quest of the golf swing and best of luck to you.

Sunny So.CAL :laughing:

Very kind words…I will help as much as I can while learning here!

A warm welcome Justin… from Canada.

I believe I’m one of the first, if not the first trainwrecks (still am really) to cross paths with Lag. If you have half as many insights as Lag, I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot from you.

Maybe best of all, this is quite a decent community of very enthusiastic and helpful souls just trying to hit a ball… better. :slight_smile:

Thanks Prot,

I know I have a lot to learn from John.
The man does know his stuff from my conversations with him and the round of golf we enjoyed at Mare Island!
Long story short - I believe I know The Golfing Machine as well as any AI and have been exposed to many top instructors, yet what John has taught / is teaching me still BLOWS me away!

We are all in very good hands…