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So I get this error frequently enough, and it locks me out of the site for a while. I keep meaning to post something about it, but it’s happened a few times lately so I figured it put it out there. This site is the only place it happens, so I don’t think it’s a problem on my end. Anybody got any idea what the deal is or if it could be sorted out?

You are not the only one that experiences the problem. I believe the web hosting plan that Lag uses (with StartLogic) is likely a little on the light side. He probably needs to up the hosting plan one notch to allow more simultaneous connections.

Even if the active connections setting has already been increased to a rather high figure I’m guessing John is still using the default setting for the maximum number of users (registered and non-registered since it’s an open site), which is almost always set rather low (in number)…and also has a time period (e.g. 5 minutes, etc.). The different and various MySQL software plans have different time limits concerning the maximum number of users allowed within x period of minutes…and if that user limit number surpasses the maximum allowed during the time period the website shuts down. Most defaults are set to automatically re-set the website after x number of minutes, but will happen agian and again whenever the maximum user limit (within x minutes) takes place again. I suspect all the settings are set to the normal default settings rather than being optimized by the administrator (John).

anyone care to walk me though it I have no problem doing something.

I have called startlogic many times and they don’t seem to help much.

From what I understand moving this database to a new server would be a massive undertaking.
I hope I am wrong, as I am more than willing to explore better options. Any experts DO PM me.

I’m not an expert on phpBB but in general these errors are often caused by not having a dedicated server for the ABS forum. This means that there may be other websites that use the same server with a MySql database. This server only allows for a certain maximum # of connections. So, when the other site has many open connections this will limit the available connections for ABS (and the other way around).

John, do you know if you share the server with other parties? If so, it might be good to ask if there is a possibility to move the site to another (StartLogic) server; preferrably a server with less active db requests on average.

I also think that all websites that share ‘our’ webserver see this same error, so this means that there must be more unsatisfied StartLogic customers. Hopefully pointing this out might persuade them to take action???!!

Do you know why moving the DB would be a massive undertaking? Due to needed reconfiguration of phpBB maybe?
Sorry, a lot of questions, I hope it leads to something good…

This looks pretty simple, i use hostgator and to be fair i dont have many problems.

Check this out

If you still cant work it out a quick search on youtube should solve this problem, might be better to move it all to a temporary domain name (which i believe you will get anyway) so you can test it all out before closing your Starlogic account down.

I doubt the problem is because some other websites are using the same server…it could be, but doubtful. I don’t think John has optimized his settings, which is something he is responsible for…and only he can do since he is the administrator. The settings are probably set at default, which is way too low for the number of simultaneous connections. As for the web hosting company not being much help, the web hosting company usually only hosts websites by offering various hardware hosting plans, but can’t make changes to his MySQL Php software settings. My suggestion for John would be for him to research and study how best to optimize his settings first.

Also, I hope John has a plan that backs-up everything on a regular basis (e.g. daily). It’s easy to lose everything (posts, images, etc.) when making plan changes…even when using the same web hosting company. Moving to a dedicated server can often be a royal pain in the ass unless [maybe] the same web hosting company does the move and setup.

I am by no means a PHPPB expert and I still marvel that I figured out how to get this forum off the ground, design the layout and so forth with zero prior knowledge on how to do so, and with zero help from anyone. I would not want to do that again.

We once lost two days of posts last year because I tried to tinker with settings on the back end. I would only alter things with very tight guidance from someone that really knew the protocols and had a lot of experience in PHPPB.

I do have a backup and restore setting in place, and I pay an extra fee for that. I have used it once so far to restore lost data.

While Startlogic is far from perfect, I always am reluctant to switch to another server, because for all I know, they may be worse.

The risks involved in attempting to transfer this database from one server to another are beyond my comprehension. I would want to be assisted carefully by an expert who even better yet would be an ABS student who would value the content on these pages, threads and forums.

I won’t be experimenting with new settings anytime soon on the back end of this site however desirable that may appear to be… without counsel.

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I vote for Arnie to be in charge of the technicals; Come on Arnie you are a computer guy.

Not me Macs, I know zilch about computers though in have some friends that do, but not really in this specific area of PHPPB

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