adding weight to latest Drivers

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How much weight do you think you could add to the inside of the weight screw of a Titleist 910D3. The heaviest weight they supply is 12g but it is quite hollow inside…
Could possibly add another 10g or so of melted down lead/tungsten…would this bring the swing weight up to around D6?

What are everyones thoughts on this ?

Other ways you could add weight is to remove the shaft and install a hosel weight. They make hosel weights up to 9-grams. Problem is that if that’s your stock shaft, there’s a decent chance that the shaft does not have a hole at the bottom and thus you can’t fit the hosel weight in. I found that with the 910f-d 3-wood with the Diamana 'ahina shaft. If it’s an aftermarket shaft, you should be able to remove the shaft and install a hosel weight no problem.

Other than that, you can put lead tape around the neck. That’s what I have done to my driver (Wishon 919THI) and 3-wood (Wishon 949MC)


My current setup:

Driver: 910D3 8.5* proforce V2 x 85g 44"
3 Wood: 910f 13.5 proforce V2 x 95g 42.75"

Flattest lie possible 59.5 and 58.5… laughs

Irons: 1990 BH Grinds x100

2 iron D4 53.5* 18*
3 iron D4 54* 21*
4 iron D4 54.5* 24*
5 iron D6 55* 28*
6 iron D6 56* 32*
7 iron D6 57* 36*
8 iron D9 58* 40*
9 iron D9 59* 44*
e iron E2 60* 49*
sw E2 60 56*

Thanks Richie,

I’m new here and didn’t expect a reply so soon :smiley:

I’m in Sydney AUS. I ordered the shafts from victory custom golf in clover, South Carolina. They are custom made sleeves so not sure if I can add the weight or not? … refit.aspx

Have you heard of having the head foamed? I’ve hit an R9 that had that done and it was a little heavier. It felt a lot more solid too.

You can use some Rat glue, Golfsmith do a rattle stopper that you inject down the hosel into the head, it coats the inside walls of the clubhead.

I would ask them if you can do it or not. I ordered from them before and they are excellent to do business with.


Has any body here experimented with different substances such as liquid nails?

You don’t really want to put anything in there that is going to fully cure, cause its going to break off and make you a nice rattle. The Rat glue never fully dries, so that won’t happen, but how good is the energy transfer going to be with something that doesn’t full set?? Its maybe ok for a few gms.

Best way to add weight imo is to fit a steel shaft and use a 10g tip weight, or whatever tip weight is required to bring the head upto at least 210gms. Make it 43 or 44" max.

Remember that if you add a significant amount of weight… you may need to stiffen up the shaft as added weight will change the shaft deflection characteristics which can be important if you want to keep a relative harmony from club to club.

Roughly speaking a titanium head is about the same weight as a persimmon head, not much has changed over the years, the grips are the pretty much the same too. It’s the shaft where they have saved all the weight and the easiest place to look to add weight and make your driver in line with the rest of your set.

Is the whole increase in distance due to the whippy lightweight graphite shaft?

A laminate/persimmon steel shafted will be similar distance to an older titanium head with a steel shaft?

Ie the wood vs titanium clubface is only a distance difference of around 5 yards?

I ask because there is an old cobra driver at my local thrift store I want to buy and add a heavy steel to it.

If it hits the same distance … I’d rather stick to my laminate/persimmon drivers!

Equipment changes that increased distances:

  1. Trampoline effect / high COR drivers. From about 2003 on manufacturers have produced drivers at the game’s legal COR limit of .83. A persimmon head will have a COR of about .78. This is a big difference in ball speed. Early steel heads also about .78.
  2. Solid core balls that rolled out around the turn of the century. They go farther, especially off the driver.
  3. Longer, lighter clubs using graphite shafts. Increases swing speed and also ball speed.
  4. Fitting technologies for optimizing launch and spin for distance.

Whippy shafts do not necessarily help you hit it farther. If it’s too whippy, it will result in shorter drives.

So, depends on the year the cobra was made. It most likely would hit it farther than persimmon unless it’s an earlier model before they increased the COR of the drivers. Persimmon is much more satisfying though, IMO…

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Thanks for the response.

It seems like the drivers from 1998-2002 don’t offer much distance over persimmon/laminate and the new drivers are from outer space.

I keep reading about the modern driver and how the COG is far back on it.

I thought it was solid persimmon that had the COG far back away from the face.