Add Your Voice to the Grooves Foul

This from Time Finchem:
Finchem told the group he spoke with Ping CEO John Solheim on Tuesday about working out a possible agreement that would allow the tour to ban the clubs, which Ping no longer manufacturers… McCarron and Cink said Finchem admitted the tour was caught with its pants down on the issue. “I don’t think they believed many players would use a 20-year-old club,” McCarron said.

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And while you are at it plead the Commiss to consider the COR of the driver or “Drum Effect” too.

We’re going to see the true golfing spirit of Ping Golf right now depending on their response. Is Ping the soulless, money grubbing entity of the litigation period? Remember, the Ping vs. Tour litigation was the turning point for allowing golf manufactures to tell the tour how the game should be played! I remember following that and thinking how ridiculous the whole situation was and Ping was wasting their money. Ping won and all of golf lost. :imp:

While the tour is at it…create a tour ball…it’ll probably be more popular with the public than many of the “rocks” produced now.

Just my 2 cents.

Captain Chaos

I posted my sentiments in the equipment forum…

I’ve got this club up on ebay, starting bid at $5000… it’s legal… and grandfathered in too…


just kidding…

I just heard the PGA Tour is changing it’s name to…


Ping Golf Association Tour

Here is a resume of the original Ping Story.

Lag! please send those wege pictures to Golf Digest with the caption “Great Grand Daddy of Grooves”. Callaway calls its grooves The Grand Daddy of Grooves. They might publish it.

Just as I thought…PING is without a soul. It’s all about money and power.

Captain Chaos