Acres for smaller scale golf course?

I think Nicklaus built Britannia in the Grand Caymans on 40 acres. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on how many acres it would require to build a course that used a reduced flight ball? The idea is not for an executive par 3 course, but rather normal layout 72 hole course, but reduced yardages to correlate to a reduced flight ball - say 60% on drives. Just looking for rough estimate on acres for such a crazy idea :slight_smile: thanks!

The savings should be very significant. If you reduce the length and width of holes to 60%, the area of the course reduces to 36%, so about one-third of a full-scale course. If you allow 70%, you reduce the area to 49%, so about half a full-scale course.

Thank you slightfade.


I remember as a kid playing a junior event on a 9 hole course that had two sets of tees that made the holes play entirely different. Some holes were a different par. Others used different fairways or shared with other holes. Different angles into the greens etc. A bit dangerous but interesting. If it was done correctly, I think it could work and be quite functional and equally challenging.