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I’ve been playing golf for 39 yrs and now 13days before my 49th birthday i hit the shot the shot that has eluded me for so long. Par 3 188 yds slightly up and into a small breeze my opponent hits 5 iron that balloons a little hits into the hill and falls short into a bunker. I take 5 iron and play back slightly to keep it lower i swing down the 4.30 line pressure it on plane and then with all my might swing hard left with my pivot a missle ripping thru the wind straight at it pure flush it hits 3feet in front of flag and then dissappears a hole in 1 my first ever. What a day thanks again Lag good things are starting to happen and i’m only in mod 6 pure ball striking at times i’m expecting to knock down flags.
Thank You

Congrats on that!

That is a great way to do it… because sometimes, hole in ones happen with less than perfect shots. To do it with a perfectly executed action… well, it just doesn’t get better than that.

Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations sixpackkid! Not only a hole in one, but a hole in one on a 188 yards up-hiller! Great stuff!