ABS - Thank You


To begin, I am skeptical of golf instructors.

In my golf career, I have had a master PGA professional, a Golf Digest Top 50, a former PGA player (led the US Open at one point … a good player), a club pro, a nationally known instructor, all of whom … did not really help my game. Money pit. A lot of money.

Their response was the same: “We have a six month package of lessons on sale for 20% off.” Been there, done that. No sale.

I finally found an instructor who shares my philosophy and he is the only instructor I have had for the last five years. I’m playing my most consistent and aggressive golf ever and led in my senior club championship before a Sunday Collapse a la Greg Norman. Not yet repeatable under pressure. Check.

The important thing is I am staying true to one swing theory and not straying far from it. No more hit the guardrails and bounce from one approach to another. No, let’s focus on one way to hit the ball.

While he is a “low and left” guy, my instructor clearly explains WHAT to do but not so much HOW to do it.

I’ve read ABS for years as a lurker and my instructor knows of John and may even have played with him on Tour. I’ll have to ask.

Blah, blah, blah.

But in the last year, I’ve reread a lot of what John has written (going back 15 years) and it’s like the light bulb finally went off. I’ve used what John says about HOW and Eureka! It works.

I had a lesson last week. My instructor quipped that my swing was looking really good. That’s high compliments considering.

But the funny thing is, he has given me the code, but it was the DNA from this site that filled in the gaps.

“Swing low and left!”, he would say. OK … HOW? Now, I know. It’s a level left shoulder traveling faster than the hands, the right one of which is holding shaft flex.

I just want to say “thanks”. I’d visit John for a lesson but he’s too far for me. Still, the info on this site is gold and far better than the bs I hear on the local range.

When my budget allows, I’ll do the program. But I finally registered and just wanted to say that the info here really is what the Tour pros don’t want you to know. I don’t think anything approaching this quality has ever appeared in Golf Digest. And probably never will.

Thanks John. Really good stuff.