ABS Spec Tommy Armour set

I’m hosting Geoff Mangum at the end of the month so I can become certified as a Puttingzone instructor. I need to unload some of my clubs so I can put the money toward his clinic. Most of my stuff consists of newer drivers and hybrids, but I have an ABS set I’d like to sell since I’m currently playing my Hogan Redlines. These were professionally done by Lag, not by me. I will also include an early 80’s Titleist Tour Model 1 and 2 iron. I’m asking $300 shipped in the US, but I’m open to offers.


Do you still have the abs irons for sale ? Thanks Mark

Still available?

I can confirm this set is sold…to me :slight_smile:


Heg gang - I got the ABS bug, and being from Texas and all, I had to go get myself some Hogans. Just picked up two sets that I am going to ABS. Therefore these MacGregor Tommy Armours are for sale again. I’m not sure if it is best to bump this thread or start a new one - perhaps I will do both.
I am selling the exact clubs listed, only difference is the 2-9 now have new grios (GP Tour Velvet).

$225 plus actual shipping costs.


Hey Geek -

Are those 8* down?

Hi Ryan,

Actually I am not sure and know tools to measure. The were originally ABS’ by Lag so whatever that setting would be I suppose.


do you still have those irons