ABS modules question

Hi, I am considering making a start with the ABS modules. Is there anywhere I can find a brief description/synopsis of what is covered in each module?

Module 1: forearm rotation, 4:30 line protocols for impact entry
Module 2: ground pressures combined with Module #1 and cohesive body tension points.
Module 3: Post impact pivot thrust with hand and arm path defined.
Module 4: Swing plane, shallow entry, and exit protocols with orbit pull
Module 5: Hand attitudes which set up transition.
Module 6: Transition
Module 7: Linking Module 6 back into Module 1 and completing swing biomechanics
Module 8: Alignment, ball placement options, rotated base lines
Module 9: Ball Shaping the masterful way…


Most of the drills can be done at home, in the back yard or in the garage. Perfect for the winter. :sunglasses:

Module 1 - you make and hit an impact bag
Module 2 - impact bag, power board (piece of wood) & a piece of carpet
Module 3 - just a golf club
Module 4 - you make your own swing plane analyser (couple of alignment sticks or old golf shafts) you start hitting balls, so time to head to the range.
Modules 5, 6 & 7 - impact bag
Modules 8 & 9 - hitting balls

Takes about a month to get a module right using video/feedback, some go quicker, some much slower.

Cameras on most mobile phones are easily good enough these days.

Then it’s a case of doing lots of reps and working the module feels into your swing which takes time. I found that my improvement really happened quickly once I started doing the ball hitting drill which was in module 8 but is now in module 4.


Ready to purchase the modules. How and where do I do that? Very excited.

Figured it out. Purchased all and super slotting. Let me know how to join the student forum.



he’ll get you sorted out…

Hi. New here, just started mod 1. Have sent mail to admins with no response. Does anyone have a clue as to getting into the student part of the forum?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, oddpuppet,

I had the same question when I signed up for Modules 1-3.

Basically, after I had signed up for both these Forums and the Lessons.advancedballstriking.com where our Module lessons are…

Then the Forum recognized that my same email ID was registered on both… and the forum.advancedballstriking.com , when I scrolled way down, automatically showed me “Private Student Area”.

Neil Gascoigne pointed that out to me when I asked him the same question you have.

So, at “forum.advancedballstriking.com”, scroll way down and see if you see this Private Student area.

Hope this helps!

I asked the same question as well.