ABS Module Student on Hogan Deconstruction

Hello there!

Although the time I’m able to dedicate to golf is pretty short I decided to take a video after practicing some ABS principles.

In particular here I was focusing on forearm rotation and keeping a good path at P3. When I was younger I had a shut club face at the top, with a strong grip. Now the feeling is totally different and I can really load the club on the way back, opening the clubface and rotating without fearing a hook.

My only concern now is delaying the body rotation a bit more in transition.

Thanks again for all the work and great ideas you share with us amateur golfers.

I’ve always been a Hogan fan and your deconstruction of his swing to me is the most correct. I’m following your path!



Quite the swing he’s got, thanks for sharing

What a swing. Boy I wish I was flexible like that again

Sucks to get old


Impressive pivot rotation.

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