ABS Module Overview


Is there a specific software needed to view this video? I can"t get it to run.

click the link, right click the play button, then click save video as. that should work.

For me it’s easier to right click on the link and select ‘save video as’.
After saving, video works for me using Windows Media Player or VLC player.

Thanks for a great video Lag. Very informative and well constructed as to why the golf swing should be taught in a differing sequence than everyone else trys to do.

Downloading ANY videos works great with IDM- a program Internet Download Manager. It pretty much pops up above any video that ever shows up onscreen and you click to download. Works on video links just with a click
Fully downloaded and saved to hard drive

the link will play using the fire fox browser

I added a .mov extension option… so might help with some for viewing. Could take a bit longer to load as it came out a bigger file… but the quality should be better also.

Lag can you open mod 9

Just doing an edit on it… and some new material… should be finished up next week.

Feel like the Jefferson’s moving on up!