ABS Live Radio Show #2 with Tour Winner Louis Brown

Rod Morri and John Erickson are proud to bring you an exclusive show with former Australian Tour Champion (Nedlands Masters) and Canadian Tour winner (Rotary Classic tournament record 20 under) Louis Brown. Louis was also a three time collegiate All American for the University of Georgia, and also won both the Georgia Amateur and and the Georgia Open as a professional. With a reputation as being one of the top ball strikers with a fantastic golf swing… Louis will be sharing his insights into how to keep your mind clear under pressure and win tournaments, his thoughts on the swing and equipment, his duels with Allen Doyle over the years, and how he handed Angel Cabrerra his first pro victory in the South American Open. Louis is a great guy, an articulate man with wonderful insights into the game of golf.

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Rod and I will have Louis Brown on today and will be discussing all kinds of topics from how to keep the mind together under pressure as he did winning the Nedlands Masters on the Australian Tour, to his great story about a sudden death playoff against Angel Cabrerra in South America.

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Thanks to Rod, Louis, and Lag for that entertaining, informative, skillful first class interview, a very good time listening.
Best to you.

Agree with 1teebox - another great listen :smiley:

As well as the excellent interviewees and of course Lag, I’m really impressed with Rod. He is streets ahead of a lot of golf broadcasters I have heard.

Great job everyone!

Cheers, Arnie

I echo 1tee and Arnie. That was very interesting and insightful. Thanks to all of you!

One of the things that grabbed my attention was Louis telling of his learning from observing players as an eager, very young caddy for his father, his enjoyment of the atmosphere and surroundings of golf, and Louis’s gratitude for early lessons where his golf coach took him out on the course to learn fades, draws, handling uneven lies, making shots, course management, what playing is about, a fortunate association and opportunity in young Louis’s development.

yup—great stuff…

Thanks for all the kind words fellas and glad to hear you enjoyed the interview. I thought Louis was fantastic and really enjoyed listening to him (especially that soft southern accent…the best American twang of all I reckon). I felt like we didn’t even scratch the surface and couldn’t believe it when we reached an hour. A big thanks to Lag for making all this happen and for providing both the guests and the vehicle to publish the stuff. I’ve been spending a bit more time wandering into the nooks and crannies of the ABS site the last few days and there is some absolute gold on here. I surf a lot of web sites and while there are plenty out there with more bells and whistles none come close in terms of content and quality of contributors. I hope between us Lag and I can add even a little more to that with these interviews.
Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year and I look forward to reading and posting more in 2011.

We need the bells and whistles too!

Santa is only a few days away, and it’s raining and snowing all over California. :confused:

“Eagle” had a chance to play with Louis Brown yesterday, and took a couple vids. This is how you do it…
Notice the fast aggressive torso rotation post impact, and how nicely this enables Louis to brace the right arm through impact. Squaring up the face with rotation is the advanced move.