ABS Hogan Modules

Hello John,

Since our last email chat I have been concentrating on Mr Hogan’s bump. The following is my assessment from two perspectives, the physics and application of this move.

From the physics side: I believe it creates a more stable position for P3 and through the strike. It also provides time for a 4:30 bow position along with setting the club heading towards P3 at a more repeatable angle and slot. It makes SS easier and again repeatable. One of the biggest benefits is torso speed. It looks to me (watching/studying Mr Hogan’s videos) that it also allows for a tremendous foundation from impact through the finish.
From the application side: I feel like my timing is better, I have more control, certainly faster speed of my torso (which slows down at my age) and incredible ball striking. I am noticing greater distance with less effort. The best part for me, I no longer hurt after playing or practicing, my spine appears to be in a solid position post bump.

If this makes any sense then Mr. Hogan made a great discovery that he openly spoke about but few have paid attention to. You will be able to pontificate on this important part of the golf swing better than I can.

Good insights…

I am convinced that the basic Hogan protocols can be taught. It is a combination of technique, proper gear and strength training.

I am convinced this really is the best way to strike a golf ball that I have explored. The more you work on the concepts the simpler the golf swing becomes. There are a couple tricky things, but once you get over that hump, it’s like a light breeze with clear skies.