ABS Conceptual Video Series


A brief video focusing on the four primary intentions of mastering a golf swing hitting technique.

Great video Lag. I really appreciated your explanation of the four primary intentions which your modules explore and train. Thanks for doing this and summarizing a lot of what this forum intends to discuss in such a helpful way.

I’m sure its already in the discussion but I think a great way to follow up your on this video would be another on the specs and gear that ABS students use to ingrain the proper intentions. (As I’m sure you already are aware) the intentions of hitting protocols and the gear used to play out those intentions are such a huge part of the discussion that goes on here. I look forward to seeing more from you in this format.


Well, thanks for this video. The more I commit and drill the modules, the better it gets. Everything you’ve taught and described comes to pass with hard work on my part. Yesterday was my first day on the range after a long winter. Two-club wind into and was able to flight 2 and 1 irons long and low under
the worst of it.

Drill hard and slot it deep…