ABS club? 1iron

Is this staff an appropriate abs club?

1965(?) Staff - very nice club. What shafts?

reshafted with True Temper stiff steel shafts and newer Golf Pride Tour Wrap compound grips;

That is not a golf club. It is a butter knife.



Finally got around to checking specs and bending 1-10 irons. 1 iron was 19.5 degrees 53.5. Now 13 loft and 50 degrees lie. Hit it only once in October first time and almost jarred it from 211 uphill thanks to module 1.
I have a set of hogans I’m going to sell if anyone interested. I just bent them and checked lofts.

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A 13 degree 1 iron? Sheesh. Seems that would be tough to get in the air.

We will find out. I actually checked it again over bent both ways but we will see. I wanted it 14 and 50 degree lie angle but it turned out 13 loft and 49.5 lie angle. Will be interesting when the snow finally melts in Park City, Utah. Atmospheric river winter here.