ABS Christmas List

Hi guys,

I’m being pestered to provide some suggestions on what to get me for Christmas. As a new ABS student so far the list consists of:

  • Set of vintage irons at ABS spec
  • Persimmon woods at ABS spec

What’s missing?! Sound proofed golf studio at the bottom of the garden will probably bust the budget…


  • Leather soled golf shoes (i.e. FJ Classics)
  • high speed video camera
  • trip to Mare Island

Then you’ll be all set!

Those extra’s look an awful lot like my letter to Santa J!

I’ve been a good boy this year! :smiley:

Wilson R20 sand wedge
Wilson 8802 or 8813 putter or MacGregor Ironmaster putter made to Lags specs would be good too

Are there any modern putters that would fit the bill?

e.g snake eyes blade? afew of them floating around on ebay

Not sure, I never look at the new stuff. You can pick up the Wilsons all the time for about 30 quid.

rubs hands together, Mr Burns voice


A couple of dozed Balatas would be good too, you can still get them occasionally on eBay for about the same cost as ProV1s.

Cheers guys, Santa and his little elves are now merrily working away on ABS spec irons, a permission driver, balata balls and an ABS spec putter. They’ve never been so happy! :smiley:

And for the ABSer who has everything else.

ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-LEATHER-G … 335d20d069