Hi All,
I looking to build myself an “Abs” spec set. I have already read up on Lags personal specs, and realize we are encouraged to play as flat as possible. However what sort of “starting” specs are recommend those heading into playing ABS gear for the first time?

Thanks J.

Heavy, stiff, flat. Easiest is to just buy a set of John that are ABS spec. I tried to modify Mizuno blades. When i got my set from John, HUGE difference. Its $ well spent



I agree…go to the specs immediately…don’t go gradually. If you are interested I am cleaning out some of my sets. John has set up four for me, and I have set up several myself. I have a set of Palmer The Standard with S400 shafts and victory grips that I will sell you for $25, plus shipping.

I just had a set modified to something close to ABS specs. Bought a set of Wilson Staff’s off the internet for $61. Then took them to a club fitter I know who adjusted the lofts and lies to John’s specs and added weight to MOI match them. I gave him a target weight for the 2 iron and he worked down from there.

I ended up pretty close with my 2 iron at 15.5 oz and a swing weight of D9 progressing down to the PW at 17.5 oz and a swing weight of E3. That cost me about $225. The only difference is that a set of John’s clubs will come with tipped x-stiff shafts whilst I kept the original stiff shafts in mine.

In the end, I think the costs work out pretty much the same as a set from John runs around $400 - $500 with new x-stiff shafts. Now, if you can get a set for $25 then it becomes a no brainer.

I forgot to mention The Standards were set up by John to ABS specs.

Thats what I needed to hear! I wasn’t sure if folks here were jumping in feet first or just going in baby steps.
Thanks for the offer on the clubs too… but I do like doing my own builds.

Cheers J

Hello everyone

I have my Wilson Dayna power blades spec out to ABS. My First question is this. How many time can you play with them before you have to get them rechecked so don’t go into a upright club.