A Thousand Pardons

I’ve already apologized to Lag personally and now I would like to do the same to the forum users. I’m new to this computer stuff- heck, I haven’t figured out how to post smiley faces yet which makes it very hard to accurately use words in the forum posts. I can say that on-line golf instruction is way ahead of my time but I can see the benefits of it. When I first started posting about a week ago I can honestly say that I had not considered that posters to the forum might actually be practitioners of ABS. I really want to apologize to “aiguille” and say that if I had known about your status with ABS I would have never in a million years suggested to you anything counter to what you are working on and feeling- it’s just not my style I suggested to Lag that maybe there could be some sort of marker, if there isn’t alrea.dy, which indicates if a poster is active with ABS. It certaily would make life a little easier for computer ignorant, on-line behind the time posters like me. Again, my regrets.

I would like to post from time to time so if I put it into the wrong forum, or if I ask is someone is a student of ABS, please be patient with me. The old guy…Range Rat.

Thats one of the funniest things I have seen for a while RR! lol!

I don’t have any status, I am just a student like most other people here. No apology necessary, welcome back.

Thanks Aiguille, much appreciated. I’ll make my posts general from now on since I don’t know who is who. Promise!!

The internet is a mad world, particularly when trying to convey the finer points of the golf swing- all theories are insane until they’re not. Look at me, I’m posting photos of footballers during goal celebrations and making somewhat reasonable associations between that and a golf swing…
Give yourself a break, it’s all good…

P.S… RR when you want to use a smiley face or any other expression, just leave the typing ‘thingymajig/cursor’ where you want the face to be and then click your pointer on the different expressions on the right over there… see them? If you leave the pointer on them for a second or two the word description of the expression will come up- at least it does on my mac anyway…

Seems only fitting to end near where I began:

Reality, spelled “wife”, is rearing its presence and time to get my “honey do” projects completed before another season starts. I just wanted to express how much enjoyment I’ve had this past month or so…If you would have told me before Christmas that one could talk world-wide with other golfers I would have said “your nuts”. Boy was I wrong! I learned some new things on the ABS forum, and learned some things I already knew, but are now stated in different terms. An old dog CAN learn new tricks!

Especially wanted to thank BOM, LCDV, Styles, and Addington for all their help helping me navigate around the site and posting those goofy little faces…watch :smiley: :astonished: But for all of you, it was certainly a pleasure discussing ideas, thoughts and theories…as it is so much part of the game.

I will do this though…I’ll keep my eyes open and snatch up any old classic gear/balls that find their way to us at the range, and I’ll check our storage barn too. I’ll somehow make arrangements to get them to guys.

That’s about it, see 'ya in October…take care, and best of luck to you all while following the sun RR

Range Rat,

Its been good having you on board with your ‘unusual’ take on many diverse topics. Somehow, I suspect it will be well before October before you log on again and when you do, you will be very welcome again.

Glad to see you mastered the smilies, I guess it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks! :smiley:


drink heavily—all will be fine

Hope to see you soon RR, hope the ‘list’ ain’t too long!

Goodbyes are way overrated… there’s no need to rule out an odd cameo appearance every now and again- there’s too much quality thinking going on around here to kick it to the curb. I hope it’s not october before you show up again…
Take care…