A real R 20 SW


This is what an actual R 20 Wilson SW looks like… there are people selling the fake remake ones on Ebay for ridiculous amounts of money. They made the remakes in the 70’s and they are in now way a replica… nothing is the same… not the weight, not the bounce, not even the shape. The actual originals have dots not grooves. They are over 18 ounces, and arguably the greatest SW ever made even to this day.

The remakes are decent clubs from the fairway, but they are not particularly good from the sand…
Isn’t that what a SW is supposed to be for? Call me crazy…

Thanks Lag - your post saved me from just making an annoying ebay mistake. :astonished:

Cheers, Arnie

I was stupid enough to buy one of those. I only use a SW from sand now a days and already have got a few and really did not need another.


You will have no problem turning around and selling that R20… there are a lot of unsuspecting buyers who will be sure that yours is in fact original… it even says so on the club! lol

Not everyone reads these forum pages!