A modified driver

I asked a friend who works for a major brand if he could build a driver after Lag´s specs.

his response was.

382 gram total weight
199 gram clubhead
50 gram grip
130 gram shaft

  • couple gram glue och tejp.

lie more trouble, not flatter than 53 grader.

Interesting… perhaps should ask him to fix it…

One of the tougher things with a modern driver is the fact they have less loft and “‘sweet spot’” is positioned so high up on the face.

It really means you have to tee the ball up higher and then also hit up on it…this is counter productive in my opinion as it then means we have to swing with two different methods
Down and through for the irons getting a divot after the ball and then up and out on the driver…which swing then becomes the rudder that steers the ship?

Even if they did make a heavier one that was a little flatter in lie angle I am still not sure how it would go because of the hit up factor…Hitting up just asks for more hand flip and steep shoulders and less control…again they designed all this for disatnce without so much of a second thought about control.
I believe besides the weight and lie angle factor they also need smaller heads and shorter shafts to really get in tune with embracing a similar swing throughout the entire bag

I gotta say that since changing things around a bit with how I look at things now, and attack a golf ball- for the first time since I started using a Cobra 460 which has been maybe 5-6 years ago IIRC, it just looks different to me now. It looks too big. I started noticing recent thoughts in my head while practicing like " what am I going to do with this"…and I never had those thoughts before. It was simple before…tee it higher and make it fly.

I’ve gone completly 360* I think. I loved my old metal headed drivers with those small heads so I can go down and get it. And at that time I swore that I would never use a frying pan when they started to come to market- even though they weren’t as big as they are now- they were still very big in comparison to what I was used to. I think my first frying pan was the Cobra 354?

But I liked the small headed metal drivers as there was no maintenance involved…just slam them back in the bag and off you go. And the walls of the old metal drivers were thicker and didn’t get dented like they can now.

I think I may still use my 460 with a different move…but thankfully I have access to loads of old metal drivers with the smaller heads which I’ll check out in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

Im sure the guys at Louiseville golf would make a run of persimmons built to those specs. Think they may charge a little more but there 50’s remake would be a good one to try.
They certainly suggest they can customise for a small fee and if a few wanted them I’m sure they would sort it out nicely!

There is a company called SMT (I think) who will build you a flat driver head which you can grip, shaft, lead tape up etc as you like.

I think a one off is expensive, but a run of 50 of them or so was going to be pretty cheap.

A student here looked into it a few months back.

Think they specialise in “long drive” clubs from memory. I knew someone who had one and the sound was just horrid. Might have been just that model but didn’t blow my skirt up.

I dont play my clubs overly flat as I am juts a devotee of persimmon rather than a full ABS student so I would take a new persimmon over a “long drive” club anyday :smiley:

Hey, I don’t want one. I’ve got a dozen flat Persimmons to choose from. :smiley: And a 51 degree 1 1/2 degree open Titanium too. :blush:

I already inquired about this with them a couple years ago and they said that they can’t make one more than 2 degrees flat due to the blanks that they make the persimmons from. Hope this helps anyone out there curious about having this done.